5 Tips For A Successful Homeschool Year

Being the middle of July, parents everywhere are working on solidifying educational pans for the coming Fall. For me, it goes a little like this:"I should send my kids to school.        ...but the public school here is only rated at a 3/10.So I'll send them to private school!        ...oh, wait, I'd... Continue Reading →

Frugal Vacation? Here’s How!

I'm the queen of deals when we travel. For our honeymoon, we did a full week in Florida with a cruise to the Bahamas, a sunrise hot air balloon ride, special dinners and entertainment, swimming with dolphins, a day resort, and soooooooooo much more. It. Was. Awesome. Thankfully, since then, we discovered a way to... Continue Reading →

The Freedom of Forgiveness

There is much freedom in forgiveness. Not that I would be forgiven, but that I would forgive others.Because of forgiveness, I am able to congratulate an unwed couple on their pregnancy and really mean it. I have the ability to fight for the protection of my daughter while not having hatred eat away at my... Continue Reading →

Tips for Being Productive At Home

One thing that many moms struggle with is utilizing their time while at home. This doesn't just apply to stay at home moms, either! Often, we know that this is a problem but we don't know where to even begin in a way that will actually improve the situation. Fortunately, you can improve your own... Continue Reading →

International Recipes For Children

What better way to teach our children about other cultures, locations, and ethnicity than by studying other geographic locations and trying their food? We believe in a hands-on approach to learning, so having our children (yes, even at 4 and 2-years-old!) help us in the kitchen to create ethnic dishes is a must. Not only is this... Continue Reading →

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