DIY Black Drawing Salve Recipe

Black Drawing Salve is a must have for your home First Aid kit. It's an awesome herbal product that has a rich history of being used to "draw" things out of the body. The ingredients give it detoxification properties, so it can be used any time that you feel the need to detoxify or draw... Continue Reading →

The 10 Facebook Personalities

With the number of people who regularly post on Facebook accounts, you would think that the World of Facebook would be full of posts as unique and diverse as the people posting them. Somehow, though, when people use Facebook, they tend to meld into one of ten Facebook Personalities. Start pinpointing your friends now. 10. The Narcissist.... Continue Reading →

Fourth Tone Sirens

Nothing like listening to the fourth round of sirens...explaining to my daughter that they're still going because there aren't enough volunteers...she asks why I don't join the fire department, and all of the times I've thought about trying to run calls with three kids in tow comes to mind. I'm listening to dispatch during all... Continue Reading →

Myths about choosing an Essential Oil company

You'll find that routine essential oil users have a preferred brand--sometimes two in case their favorite doesn't carry or is out of a particular oil they want. Most of these people will spend hours sifting through information and clever marketing in search of the best essential oil distributor. Things you should care about: Purity - it shouldn't... Continue Reading →

Latest Blog Posts

Welcome back, Feedburner readers! Here's a recap of the latest blog posts that happened since I moved my blog to WordPress--that you unfortunately missed out on until now. 😦 Check them out and enjoy! What's More Important Than The Gorilla: in light of the child-gorilla-zoo incident, how it took over social media, and what's more... Continue Reading →

Here’s to the Forgotten Dads

Here's to the Forgotten Dads. The ones who created a child, and then had to say goodbye. The Dads who heard that they were a Father, and who were excited, nervous, in love... ...and then panicked, bargained, and whose hearts were broken. Here's to the Forgotten Dads. The ones who helped to clean up the... Continue Reading →

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