The 10 Facebook Personalities


With the number of people who regularly post on Facebook accounts, you would think that the World of Facebook would be full of posts as unique and diverse as the people posting them. Somehow, though, when people use Facebook, they tend to meld into one of ten Facebook Personalities. Start pinpointing your friends now.

10. The Narcissist. These people comment more than they post statuses. You can spot them because they reply to…a lot of other statuses…and comments…but the responses are always about them, not really too much about the person or the topic of the original post. You post a story? They have a story. You post a question? They have an answer. And a story to go with it. You have a problem? They have had that problem before–and either have a solution or were a big enough martyr to suffer through it. Better than you will, obviously.

9. The Pray-er. This person is actually a gossiper in disguise, and now they are offended because I just called them out. This is the person who posts things like “just saw a lot of red lights going down Main St. I’m praying for those involved. Does anyone know what happened?” or “Passed an accident on 89. Three cars involved, it looked really bad. I hope it wasn’t anyone I know. Praying.” or, one of my favorites, “the power went off at 3am this morning and was off for half an hour. Does anyone know why? Praying it wasn’t anything bad.”

8. The Spy. She doesn’t ever post, except for a few times a year when she updates everyone with photos of her children…and then surprises everyone when a new one is added and we didn’t even know she was pregnant. But she logs on. And looks through everyone else’s post, so stealth like that you forget she even exists. But she is watching you.

7. The Gamer. I don’t really know if you can call them “gamers” (Gamers will probably be mad at this title), but you already know who it is. The person who clearly can’t have a steady job because all of their time is spent sending you Farmville and Candy Crush requests. Even if you don’t play those games. Just. Stop.

6. The Hater. They hate everything, everyone, and don’t give a hoot about who wants to be their friend on Facebook. The honesty is refreshing though, and makes us laugh, so we keep them as our friend because “liking” their posts is kind of like giving ourself a hug since we obviously aren’t standing alone on whatever topic it may be.

5. The Jack-In-The-Box. He always lets us know that Facebook is too depressing or overwhelming, so he is going to take a hiatus from it for a while to compose and refresh his spirit. Or he’s become addicted to it and needs a time-out. You probably won’t notice he’s gone…until he’s back and posts the same thing about leaving again.

4. The Complainer. Life is always crappy. Bad things are always happening. The last three Go Fund Me’s that they posted didn’t amount to anything. This person generally has grammar and spelling difficulties, and it’s like one of those painful situations where you want to look away but you JUST CAN’T. So you watch. And sometimes comment, but your ideas never work. They’ve already tried them. Already failed. Just like everything else in life. Stop asking for ideas, Complainer. Stop asking.

3. The Model (Wanna Be). Selfie. After selfie. After selfie. Probably with some cleavage, taken from a higher angle to give a slimming effect, and probably filtered. Sometimes, they’ll put a kid into the photo to try to throw us off. Nice try. Didn’t work.

2. The Hustler. Except, they aren’t very good at hustling, because they’re still advertising their MLM business to their Facebook population–of which probably 10% only actually see their posts, and half of them have figured out how to tell Facebook to stop showing them Plexus, It Works, and Young Living posts. But who cares? It’s nice to know that some people have been saved from all the problems in their life, and are making seemingly big money while–as they say–just wearing a t-shirt and posting on Facebook. Seems to be against all business strategies (like target marketing and hard work) that I was taught in college, but what do I know. It’s not sad until you realize they are only “friends” with you to sell you something. Every day. In every post. And in every private message. Yay me…

1. And lastly, the favorite of us all…The Lister. They let us know when they got up, how they slept, what coffee mug they used (with photo), the chores they accomplished, what’s for lunch (complete with photo and recipe), when they’re going shopping, where they’re going shopping, what deals they found and how much they spent, what their child’s attitude/accomplishments/clothing/struggles/poop looked like during the day, how many minutes it’s been since they saw their husband, what time dinner’s on the table (complete with photo, unless they’re too burned out to admit they really had frozen pizza), which TV show they’re watching after dinner (and what happened in it), which brand of wine is in their wine glass, their nighttime makeup removal routine (only if we’re lucky enough that day), and then a specific “Goodnight, Facebook!” post to let us know that they will be gone for a few hours, or until they wake up during the night to check on Facebook again and let the world know they’re having trouble sleeping.

…except, everyone reading this thinks you’re the normal one out of your Facebook friends, right? Ask your friends–which one are YOU?!

Facebook Personalities

Fourth Tone Sirens

Nothing like listening to the fourth round of sirens…explaining to my daughter that they’re still going because there aren’t enough volunteers…she asks why I don’t join the fire department, and all of the times I’ve thought about trying to run calls with three kids in tow comes to mind.

I’m listening to dispatch during all of this. It’s a fatal car accident, on the exact route I *just* drove. I got home 15 minutes ago? The sirens started maybe 10 minutes ago? There’s only one patient. EMS still isn’t there.

It’s a rollover. The patient is pinned. I’m listening to it all unfold. I’m sitting in my home. I think of all of the calls I’ve run as a medic that people were pinned under cars. I think of the fatal accidents…too many to remember all of them, but I do remember being very good at getting a pulse and blood pressure back…at least for long enough for the family to say goodbye.

Did you check for a pulse? Did you just assume because he or she is pinned? Why the heck aren’t people there yet?

What training do the police who keep arriving on scene have? Why is no one there yet?

The fire siren stopped. They’re toning out mutual aid because I guess we can’t fill a truck? The next town is responding. Finally. Someone. It’s fire, and they’re told to bring stabilizing equipment for the car…but now they’re waiting because they need enough people to fill a crew.

Who is in the car? Is she young? Is he old? Is anyone near that person, or are they all keeping their distance? It just happened. There might be a chance for revival.

I could have been there right now. Maybe just to hold another hand and pray over someone as they pass from this life into another. But maybe also to save a life.

I don’t know how to respond to my daughter. Everything about who I was, I’ve given up. Someone’s got to take care of the kids, and fire scenes, car accidents, rescues, and EMS calls aren’t exactly the best places to bring children…although I’m wondering if I’d still be first on scene even with the time it would take me to load everyone in the car and drive the speed limit. I can’t work a regular job because, well, the one who’s asking these questions has some really significant special emotional needs and I have to be available. 24-7.

So I listen. My heart burns. I want to cry because…somehow, I managed to come out of working a decade in EMS still caring about people dying under cars.

I don’t answer her, because I don’t know what to say. No one’s life is more important than another’s, yet I feel like that’s how any route in this conversation will end.

It’s about thirty minutes into the call. I think EMS just arrived…or maybe it’s the mutual aid firetruck. I can’t tell. I don’t know the truck numbers here.

I don’t know what to say, my dear child. I could tell you that I’m not responding to this call because I can’t take kids with me and I always have kids with me. I could tell you that I’m not because I can’t drive an hour to take a refresher course and get my paramedic card back. But…I can’t tell you any of these things.

Instead, I tell you that when you guys are older, you can join the fire department, and we’ll all run calls together. This satisfies you, and you go back to watching your movie. All while the scanner keeps playing, and while my mind drifts to what a long night the folks two turns away from where I’m sitting have ahead of them.

Myths about choosing an Essential Oil company

essential oil buying myths

You’ll find that routine essential oil users have a preferred brand–sometimes two in case their favorite doesn’t carry or is out of a particular oil they want. Most of these people will spend hours sifting through information and clever marketing in search of the best essential oil distributor.

Things you should care about:

  1. Purity – it shouldn’t contain synthetics, fillers, or “cheaper” oils that smell the same as what’s on the label (i.e. you don’t want to buy cinnamon only to discover it’s cassia)
  2. Quality – it should be grown, harvested, and stored correctly so it’s medicinal value is as high as possible
  3. Reputation – what are the third party, non affiliated testing labs finding? Is this company respected in the professional aromatherapy and herbalism world?
  4. Sustainable Practices – essential oils are harvested and processed all over the world. We are either going to help others or hurt others with our purchases of oils, so you want to know that your company is dedicated to sustainable and responsible manufacturing of oils, both for the environment and for the communities involved in growing, harvesting, and producing these oils.

If you focus on those four areas, you will be well on your way to feeling good about your essential oil purchase. There are some myths though, that can get confusing.

  1. Myth: Essential Oil Grades Fact: There are none. Essential oils are unregulated, therefor, there is no agency setting forth a standard of “grades” for essential oils. There is no A-B-C-D grades, no “therapeutic” grade, nada! Anyone can label their oils “grade A” or “therapeutic” or “pure”. You can’t rely on this title to tell you what’s in your bottle.
  2. Myth: GCMS reports are available. Fact: You need to know what you’re looking at. I do like when companies are transparent with their testing results. However, unless you are a chemist specifically trained in aromatherapy, you probably aren’t going to be able to really translate these reports into useful information. Some companies won’t release their reports for this exact reason. Others, I suspect, won’t release them because they aren’t positive that the GCMS results are good, or who knows, maybe they don’t even have test results! When a company does have GCMS reports available, though, you need to make sure that they have one available not for every oil, but for every batch of oil. There will be slight variations between batches of oils. If they aren’t available for every batch, you can assume that having the GCMS reports available is more a marketing ploy giving you a false sense of security rather than the company actually being transparent with their testing results.
  3. Myth: Independent lab testing results don’t matter. Fact: Yes, yes those results do matter. I have seen people argue that it doesn’t matter how many times their company’s oils test positive for synthetics or other problems when a non-affiliated lab tests their oils, because they are only going to trust what their company tells them directly. I don’t even feel a need to comment further on this. Let’s just leave it at: if multiple labs are finding problems with a company’s oils, do not buy their oils. Common sense.
  4. Myth: The FDA says my company’s oils are safe for internal use. Fact: The FDA doesn’t regulate essential oils. I see people misunderstand what the FDA designation of “Generally Regarded As Safe” (GRAS) means, and so they in turn state this myth. This topic is a separate post, really, but just know that the FDA is not affiliated with any essential oil company, they do not regulate any essential oils, and they have never stated that any oils are safe for internal use, nor that any oil company is better than any other company…because they don’t regulate oils!
  5. Myth: Because my oil company puts “nutritional information” on the oil bottles, that means they are better than other oils on the market. Fact: anyone can put nutritional information on their bottle if it’s a GRAS designated oil. I imagine most companies don’t do this because some people use the GRAS designation to imply you can use the oils as a nutritional supplement, and I’m pretty sure doing that will increase your company’s insurance costs. Some companies are okay with that, other companies are not. It *is* nice to know how many mg of therapeutic quality are in a given drop of essential oil if you are working as a clinical aromatherapist or herbalist, though, so I really appreciate this information! …but it does NOT mean that oils with nutritional information are a “higher grade” than one without that information.
  6. Myth: If it’s a MLM, I can’t trust the oils. Fact: MLM’s are just like any other company, they just use word of mouth to market rather than advertisements to market. You need to look at it like any other essential oil company and ask yourself the four questions in the beginning of this post. My favorite essential oil company is a MLM!
  7. Myth: Cheaper (or pricier) equals better oils (or more honest company). Fact: quality oils will cost more because it costs more to ensure correct growing conditions/harvesting/storing/testing/etc., but that doesn’t mean that just because an oil has a higher price tag, that it’s a more quality oil. Only testing can determine that! On the same hand, just because a company offers cheaper oils, doesn’t mean that company is “being more honest” by having lower prices. Maybe they have figured out how to cut cost, maybe they aren’t getting the best oils (plants grown in different areas or harvested at different times or grown in different ways will vary DRASTICALLY in therapeutic qualities), maybe, maybe, maybe! Before you look at price, really look at the four things in the beginning of this post. Additionally, I have noticed that some “more expensive” companies will offer deals, discounts, or buying programs that even allow you to buy at a discount and then give you product points back for your purchases. This changes the price point entirely. Where I buy my oils, for instance, I get around a 25% discount, and then I get 30% back in products points, and I get everything I spend in shipping back in product points when I order every month. Ultimately, this means if I buy $100 worth of oils, I only end up in effect paying $52.50 plus tax. Big difference.


Want to learn more about essential oils? Check out our free go-at-your-own-pace online Essential Oils and Herbs 101 course under the “education” tab!

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Easy DIY Felt Breakfast Food Tutorial: You won’t believe how cute and easy it is to whip up a felt breakfast buffet for your kids! Pancakes, butter, syrup, eggs, and bacon. Perfect for your child’s next birthday or just because!

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Flag Day Activities You Can Do TODAY!: Originally written to give you easy peasy activities you can do without prep, you can use these for July 4th, too!

10 Essential Oil Hacks for Busy Moms: Everything from grumpy kids to faking a clean house. Here’s your guide to making your life easier (and smell better).

Here’s to the Forgotten Dads: a tribute to the dads who have lost a child during pregnancy, at birth, or any time after.

Here’s to the Forgotten Dads

boy leaping to dad

Here’s to the Forgotten Dads.

The ones who created a child, and then had to say goodbye.

The Dads who heard that they were a Father, and who were excited, nervous, in love…

…and then panicked, bargained, and whose hearts were broken.

Here’s to the Forgotten Dads.

The ones who helped to clean up the blood, who called 911, or who packed away the maternity clothes after their child was miscarried.

Who held their wife, whose arms were empty.

Who listened to people joke about when he was going to have a child, and who choked his pain back because they didn’t know–he already does have a child.

Here’s to the Forgotten Dads.

The ones who instead of buying diapers, bought burial clothes for their stillborn babe.

Or maybe the ones who bought a casket for their child instead of a car seat.

Or maybe the ones who never even got to look into their child’s closed eyes.


Here’s to the Forgotten Dads.

The ones who knew their child, and now can’t remember their voice.

Who play memories in their heads because they want something to hold on to.

Who wake up at night to care for their son or daughter, but who are only met by an empty bed.

Here’s to the Forgotten Dads.

The ones who have done this more than once. Silently, or aloud.

Who society doesn’t recognize how much fathering they’ve already done,

Even though he knows the names of each little one lost.

Here’s to the Forgotten Dads.

Who celebrate birthdays for children on Earth and in Heaven.

Who always see a gap in family photos.

Who learned that he doesn’t love the children he can touch any more than the ones of his that he can’t.

Here’s to the Forgotten Dads.

Whose tears forever sealed them as fathers.

Whose babies are waiting for them.

And whose hearts are spoken for.

In honor of all the Papas I know who had to say “goodbye” to their little ones too soon, and some who were never able to say “hello.” My own Father has eight living daughters, but also a few babies lost due to miscarriage, and his son–my only brother–was born still. My dad bought my brother a firetruck to put in his casket instead of a blanket to take him home in, and never had the chance to look into his son’s eyes. 

As a paramedic, I have stood by women multiple times, being the one to deliver their stillborn babies or to attend them during a miscarriage. It is an experience that impacts you forever, and that you never forget. Today, I want the Forgotten Fathers to not be forgotten, but to be recognized and honored as the amazing men they are. There is nothing harder than not being able to save your own child. I am now a certified Birth and Beravement Doula, and counsel women with my Therapeutic Recreation degree, doing what I can to hold space and support families experiencing a loss.

Finally, we hold fast to the knowledge that eternal life is promised to all who believe and confess Jesus as their savior, who turn from their sin, and who strive to live a life that is holy and pleasing to God. We believe that all children go to Heaven and are held in the arms of our loving Abba Father who says He will wipe every tear from their eye. We know that we still have memories and relationships in Heaven, and so we look forward to when these “lost” children are reunited with their parents and can run into their Daddy’s arms one day.

Happy Father’s Day, dads!

There is always hope.

To download a free list of resources for pregnancy, infant, and child loss, join our Blessed Mama Sisterhood group which focuses on holistic mothering at


1o Essential Oil Hacks for Busy Moms

10 essential oil hacks.jpg

It occurred to me today that using essential oils is like the easiest mom “skill” to learn that can have a huge impact on your emotions, health, and lifestyle. I’ve been using them a few years–before they were “cool”–so I’ve got some experience here. They are what makes me a ninja with my kids. Feel free to steal my ideas, because yes, they are good.

  1. For the Threenager: These miniature teenagers are complex, so what you’re going to do is find the emotion that you’re dealing with on this chart, and put a drop of the corresponding oil in your diffuser. If you’re dealing with three emotions at once, put a drop of all three corresponding oils in! Then, put a baby gate up and keep your child in the room so they can’t escape the air. If you can’t read the oil names on this chart, don’t worry, because this chart is printed on the inside lid of the Emotional Aromatherapy kit from doTERRA which contains all of these oil blends.
    emotional aromatherapy wheel
  2. Homework Hack: Apply some InTune and let it do its thing. I could give you a fancy diffuser blend since lots of essential oils can help with focus and mental clarity, but let’s make it easy on ourselves since we’re moms, okay?
    doterra in tune
  3. When the Grumpies hit: hint–this will work on your grown man-child if you have one, and yourself, as well. In fact, I find that the time between the end of school and the start of dinner is insane (like my children turn into angry dinosaurs that just want to attack everything in sight. It’s not awesome.), and that my kids might start the grumpy mood, but we all finish it together. So my hack for this is to start my diffuser about 15 minutes before the kids get home. My favorite part is that no one can get away from the oil in the air, since there’s no way I can apply oil to an angry dinosaur-child’s foot. This works out well.Diffuser Blend:
    1 drop Cheer
    1 drop ForgiveInhaler Hack: (for you, or anyone who has the ability to reason when they’re feeling grumpy)
    Just apply one drop of your choice of emotional aromatherapy oil (Hack #1) or doTERRA Serenity Blend to the inhaler wick, label the inhaler, and breathe it in when you need it. My kids like to carry these around with them to use when they need it.
  4. Sweet Dreams: to help make the Boogey Man go away, pop these in the diffuser in your child’s room. No diffuser? Put on a cloth and place near your child’s head. (Don’t put the oils directly on the pillow, so that you can remove the oils from the room if you need to)
    recipe sweet sleep diffuser
  5. Dreams, period. Meaning, go-to-sleep-now-before-I-lose-my-mind (or before I fall asleep in your bed while you’re still awake):Diffuser Blend:
    5 drops Lavender
    3 Drops Vetiver
    2 Drops Ylang Ylang
    1 Drop Frankincense

Or put these in a 10 mL roller bottle, top with olive or fractionated coconut oil, and roll on your child’s feet before bedtime:

Roller Bottle Blend
10 drops Lavender
6 Drops Vetiver
4 Drops Ylang Ylang
2 Drops Franincense

6. Hand Cleanser: Put this in a little glass spray bottle, label it, and BAM, you don’t have to worry about hormone disruptors, alcohol, or other garbage in your hand sanitizer. Plus, what kids don’t like to spray things? Oh, and it’s way cheaper than commercial sanitizers.

4 ounce spray bottle, glass
1 tablespoon aloe vera gel
20 drops doTERRA On Guard Protective Blend


  1. In spray bottle, combine aloe vera and doTERRA On Guard.
  2. Fill the rest of bottle with water. Shake until combined.
  3. To use, spray on hands and rub together.

7. Bug Bites: Keep this handy to roll on bug bites. Meaning, carry it in your car, your pocket, and throw one in your bathroom cupboard. In a pinch, I have rubbed either of these essential oils neat (undiluted) right on the bight or sting spot. I wouldn’t recommend doing that on a regular basis (you don’t want to risk sensitization), but both of these are safe to use “neat” once in a while.

Fill a roller bottle (any size) with
1/4 full with Lavender essential oil,
1/4 full with Melelauca (Tea Tree) essential oil,
1/4 full with Witch Hazel
1/4 full with a carrier oil (Olive Oil, fractionated Coconut Oil, etc.)

seasonal allergies
8.  Seasonal Threats:
Lemon, Peppermint, Lavender. Put two drops of each in your diffuser, and place the diffuser near your bed at night. Additionally, you could add one drop each to a personal inhaler and take that with you to sniff throughout the day. I struggled a LOT with seasonal issues previously, and this is honestly the most impactful solution I’ve found! (work on healing your gut, too, but you probably already knew that if you’re reading about essential oils)

9. Fake Clean House: Purity. I just throw that baby in my diffuser, spray it around the house with some water, or I even add a few drops in the washing machine and re-rinse the clothes when they sit for too long. It happens to me, and don’t lie, I know it happens to you, too. Purity is the difference between my sanity and the refrigerator when I clean it out, between me and the dog that has that Beagle Smell, and between me and putting the house up for free in a yard sale because I’m sick of cleaning. Purity saves me. Often. The olfactory system has a big impact on our psychology and how we perceive things. So smell, and see a clean house when you visit me, alright?!


10. Sickies: On Guard. Any time anyone needs an immune system boost, just rub a drop of this with some olive oil on their feet. Adults or older kids–I rub it behind their ears, too. Every four hours until I don’t think we need it anymore, and then one more time for good measure. It hasn’t failed me yet, plus it smells delicious.

SO WHERE DO I BUY IT?! I’ve made a hack for that, too. . That was easy, right? Follow the directions on the first page to purchase at wholesale (up to 50% off), and get a free reference book from me when you buy an enrollment kit! Then you’ll know even more. 🙂 I don’t have any special discount for you to get your roller bottles and spray bottles, but I buy mine from (Did you see that? Another hack to make your life easier when trying to remember where to go.)

Flag Day Activities you can do TODAY!

Flag Day.jpg

Great news – there’s a bunch of EASY PEASY Flag Day activities you can do at home before the kids go to bed! Patriotism is an important part of our family culture, and we don’t miss an opportunity to teach our kids about being an American! Happy Flag Day!

Flag history/etiquette: from Education World

Flag Day and Flag Ettiquette Video:

U.S. Flag History: from Liberty Kids

Flag Day Hand Print Craft: from B-Inspired Mama

Wind Sock Flag Craft: from MPM School Supplies

…and of course, music! Sing along to The Grand Old Flag

Image taken from: Wikipedia, which of course has lots more information on Flag Day.

Why I Put “Mother” On My Resume

power mom influence

I did something I’ve never done before today. I listed “Mother” as a job title on my resume. I don’t think that’s on any of the HR How-To lists, nor was it mentioned in any professional business college courses I’ve ever taken. Yet, while I was typing up my relevant work experience, I realized that I’d be doing myself a disservice if I failed to list the most demanding, challenging, and most important job I’ve ever had. Most women probably leave this off of their resumes, but me? I’m owning it.

When you read “Mother” as a job title on my resume, you know that I’m committed. You know I’m dedicated. You know I’m not easily deterred by challenges. It means I get up in the middle of the night, that I persevere through sleeplessness, that if I don’t know an answer or my method isn’t working, that I research, learn, and keep trying. Giving up simply isn’t an option, no matter how overwhelmed or “up against a wall” I feel.

When you read “Mother,” you know that I’m resourceful. That I improvise, I make do, I easily shift with the situation, and can come up with ideas that most employers can’t even imagine. I’m a problem solver, and a solution oriented-goal driven, but flexible person.

When you read “Mother,” you know that I am a leader. I can delegate, can advocate, can find and use other’s talents and resources to further the goals of my organization. I can listen well, I can speak well, and the choices I make have purpose behind them.

“Mother” fills every gap in any resume, because it indicates that during “that time” on my resume, I was working harder, longer, and with less reward than any of my other jobs ever gave me. It means that my character grew by leaps and bounds, that I learned valuable workplace skills, and that I accomplished an awful lot that is literally making a huge difference in the immediate and far future of this World.

So even though it’s only one word, “Mother — 2008 to present” should be the most impactful job you read on my resume. I will proudly list it as my work experience, because what I’ve done and been through with that job is more of an accomplishment than my college degrees, the lives I’ve saved, the programs I’ve developed, the employees I’ve managed, or the sales I’ve ever made combined. It’s the boot camp of all boot camps for developing work and life-related assets, and you bet I’m going to put that in ink on my expensive paper. When you read my resume and it ends with “Mother,” know all that it means, and carry it close, because that particular work experience will be a golden asset for your company.


Illustration credit:

Easy DIY Breakfast Felt Food Tutorial


Once in a blue moon, I am home alone without my children. You’d think I’d take a nap, but I’m adversely affected with surges of energy when I’m alone, and I have an internal argument over exactly what I should accomplish during felt play foodthis time. Following that, marathons of creativity occur where I actually do what I decided to accomplish (which the materials for have probably been sitting, all alone, in my craft area for a year).

Our entire collection of hand made felt food was the result of one of these blue moons, and honestly, creating the bounty you see in these photos was so much easier than it looked in the felt food tutorials I had found! After viewing those tutorials, I decided to strike out on my own and free-hand everything. And it worked.

Here’s how (also in free-hand fashion, because trust me, you’ll do better with that than a complicated tutorial), starting with the Breakfast Food of pancakes, syrup, butter, eggs, and bacon:



  1. Felt food Eggs. Irregularly cut out shapes for the “whites” of the egg. Cut out circles, larger than you want, for the “yolks.” Roll a small amount of cotton or wool batting (stuffing) and put under the yolk, then carefully (so your fingers don’t burn off), hot glue the yolk edges onto the white. Alternatively, you could use Tacky Glue (non toxic) or sew those yolks on.
  2. Pancakes. Cut out circles, and sew around the edges, leaving about a 1″ opening. Then, using that opening, turn the pancakes so they’re the right side out. Stuff with minimal stuffing, fold the unclosed edges in, and sew it up (or glue).
  3. Syrup. You’re going to love this. Just cut irregular patterns out of dark brown felt so that they’ll be just a little bigger (or smaller, whichever you prefer) than the pancakes. Bam. Done.
  4. Butter. Cut small rectangles from yellow felt, put a smidgen of stuffing in the center, and glue or sew the edges shut.
  5. Bacon. Using a dark brown piece of felt, cut a wavy line. Make a 1.5″ (or so) straight cut at a 90 degree angle off of that (for the straight edge of the bacon), and then follow your same wavy line pattern to cut the other wavy side of the bacon, and finish off with another straight cut bringing all of the sides together. Lay this piece on a pink piece of felt, and cut out a skinny wavy line, following the waves from the bottom bacon piece. That might all sound confusing, but if you look at the photo, it will hopefully make sense. The whole point is to make sure your wavy lines all mirror each other for each individual piece of bacon. Once you have your pink skinny piece and your wider dark brown piece, just sew right down the middle (following the wave, of course) of the pink piece to attach the two pieces.

felt play food tutorial

What’s more important than the Gorilla

I woke up this morning to news that a Gorilla was put down after a child fell into the Gorilla exhibit at a zoo. I was irritated because I’ve been to a lot of zoos, and all I could think was that it would take a lot of effort on a 4-year-old’s part to get into a Gorilla enclosure. It’s certainly not that I felt that a Gorilla’s life was more important than a human’s, or that I assumed I knew all the details about the situation. It was simply that I figured there was a really good shot that the caretaker of said child could have prevented the situation altogether. Before you throw stones at me for this conclusion, remember that I spent almost 10 years working in EMS and I can say with certainty that *almost* every single crazy sort of accident I’ve responded to could have been prevented by following safety or common sense rules.

Then, a few hours later, my family was touring a historic fort site during a Memorial Day ceremony event. While we were browsing the second floor of the actual fort, my two-year-old dumped a bottle of water that I had earlier packed because I was a good, responsible mother. And then the water leaked through the floor and it began “raining” in the downstairs, according to a manager who came up to ask who had spilled water on the floor.

My best attempts at being a well prepared, responsible mother had backfired on me. Forget the knitting kits I had just bought the kids, or the lecturing I’d done about historical living, wars, and the importance of honoring our fallen soldiers. I was the mom who flooded the historical site–not by a child named Calvin who had a stuffed tiger named Hobbes–but by my own “good mothering” that apparently didn’t follow through to my toddler’s hands on the Nalgene bottle.

And then I realized that no matter how strongly I feel about parental responsibility and protected animals, that my own kids have ran into a parking lot before I could grab them before, have turned an aisle in a store and hidden under clothes where I couldn’t see them for 3 minutes, have eaten things they shouldn’t have, have fallen out of shopping carts, and have done a million other things that I have put IV’s into other kids in the back of my ambulance for. And it wasn’t because I wasn’t being a responsible parent, it’s because my youngest is a Wild Thing and raising two kids plus a Wild Thing is like facing a threesome of dinosaurs who double as clowns that communicate with a secret language and who have ninja skills that are superior to mine. As a mom or a dad, you train yourself for the role of “parent” from the time you find out you’re pregnant, but some days, it’s still not enough! And I don’t know why, because it should be, dangit!

Just now, I got on Facebook…and I saw more posts about the Gorilla vs. Child incident than I did about fallen soldiers and the tragedy of WAR. It’s Memorial Day. And now I realize that just a little while ago (after the historical rain incident), I was telling my children about how thankful we must be for our fallen soldiers because in some countries, girls still can’t wear the clothes they want to, can’t go to school, and young boys are forced to be soldiers and to kill others. Today. Happening right now.

What does this say about what makes our heart ache? It’s not wrong to be upset about the Gorilla incident. But is it wrong to not be more enraged about human lives lost? About the atrocities that 4-year-old children are literally being faced with moment by moment around the world? Have our hearts become so immune to horrific news that wars, battles, fallen soldiers, and freedom doesn’t impact us as much as a gorilla being put down after a child falls into its enclosure does? How is it that our emotions are more easily sparked by the gorilla incident than of the 41,892,128 U.S. soldiers who have lost their lives in battle since 1775? Is a gorilla an easier reality to grasp than a soldier dying?

Or are we just more comfortable being enraged by things that are more…comfortable? Or do we like to be enraged by things that make us feel better about our own parenting, skills, or situation?

I could go on about this topic, but I’ve been a mom long enough to know that really, I just need to sit down. I’m not going to teach anyone anything new about zoo safety. I’m not going to discover any details about the incident to determine who or what is to blame. And frankly, I don’t care, because crap happens in motherhood. Literally and figuratively. Your kid jumped a fence. My kid dumped water. Not the same thing, but you know what matters more than me posting about a gorilla and my ideas on excellent parenting on social media? That my kids know that protecting our rights, having freedom, and giving honor where honor is due is of extreme importance.

No one’s going to care or remember in three days if I didn’t comment about the gorilla incident. No one’s going to care or remember in three days if I didn’t comment about Memorial Day, either. But what I teach my children will matter. If I teach them that loving others is more important than being “right” about a parenting incident. That war and our freedom and those who have literally died for it (and the families visiting their loved ones IN a graveyard today) is pretty big freaking deal and that none of us had better take it for granted or waste this opportunity. These are the seeds I’m planting whose harvest will later be shared in the world.

So watch your children, their water bottles, and the fences…but watch what you say and do, the stones you cast, and the lessons you teach, even more.

And thank you, to the 41,892,128 soldiers and their families who gave everything. We honor you today.

memorial day 2016