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Keep Me Safe Organics is a brand new company that offers Certified-Toxic Free skincare and makeup with the opportunity for you to be a ground floor Advocate with us!


  • You’re safe in business. There is no disclaimer that allows the company to terminate you once you reach the top, you don’t have to make personal orders in order to get your commission, and there are no monthly fees or mandatory orders for you from the company.
  • You’re safe in purchases. There is a 60-day exchange policy, so your customers can order with confidence and you can ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

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  • You’re safe in products. KMSO has a variety of certifications attached to their products, including Certified Toxic-FreeUSDA Certified OrganicEcoCert certification from Europe, and they are working on EWG certification as well. These products are LITERALLY designed to be safe even for children. This feature alone sets KMSO apart from other competitors in the market.

KMSO Is Free Of

  • Generous Compensation Plan: starts at 30% commission, and rapidly increases with the cash bonuses, check matching, downline residual income, increased % on your downline sales as a mentorship bonus, company income revenue sharing pool, incentive prizes, and more. This company is built to exceed all other direct selling companies by designating 50% of the company’s revenue as going back directly to the Advocates.
  • Be Your Own Boss: this company is designed to be accessible and to work for both the woman who wants to buy an Advocate kit and order at a discount for her and her friends, as well as the woman who wants to earn $400 to $600 a month by sharing the products online or in person, or the woman who wants to literally earn $10,000 a month by building her business and sharing the products.

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I was privileged to have learned about this up and coming company before they had even launched. Even though I hardly wore makeup, I have a background in business and I knew that this was a business opportunity that I could NOT pass up–it was that solid. The mission lined up totally with my belief in natural living in the real world, and I figured that even women like myself who don’t wear much makeup STILL OWN IT. And don’t we all want products in our homes and on our bodies that are truly safe for us and our children? It only makes sense.

It’s products that people want, a compensation plan that kills every other direct marketing compensation plan I’ve ever seen, it’s zero risk because you don’t have to keep ordering from the company to earn your money, and when is the opportunity to get in on a company like this at it’s ground-floor level going to happen again? Never. This company is growing like wildfire. Your future is the one you create.


Business Kit Options

  • Business Support. You will have access to training materials, makeup tutorials, marketing gurus, experienced business women, and our own videos on exactly how to grow your business from home.


Are You Ready?

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