Why I Put “Mother” On My Resume

I did something I've never done before today. I listed "Mother" as a job title on my resume. I don't think that's on any of the HR How-To lists, nor was it mentioned in any professional business college courses I've ever taken. Yet, while I was typing up my relevant work experience, I realized that... Continue Reading →

Tips for Being Productive At Home

One thing that many moms struggle with is utilizing their time while at home. This doesn't just apply to stay at home moms, either! Often, we know that this is a problem but we don't know where to even begin in a way that will actually improve the situation. Fortunately, you can improve your own... Continue Reading →

Love Happens Here

I am the full time mama of a 3-year-old and 18-month-old. My children are 20 months apart. While I do work full time, I consider myself a stay-at-home mama just as much as I consider myself a working-outside-the-home mama. In fact, I find that the 40 hours a week that I spend at my "job"... Continue Reading →

Love Exuberantly

This is what I think...You should hold your babies more, and never stop kissing them and telling them that you love them. You shouldn't be afraid to rock them to sleep, to let them get messy, or to let them snuggle you in the morning before you get out of bed. It doesn't matter if... Continue Reading →

Making Milk At A Meth Lab

Working mamas push the limits of where, when, and how to pump milk for their babies every day. A few months ago, I began to think of all the crazy places I've had to express milk for my children. Here was the list I could remember:Public restrooms EVERYWHERE, including while sitting on the floor of... Continue Reading →

Little Clothes

Surely, I am not the only mother who has done this...My son is 12-weeks-old today. I officially packed away his 3-6m clothing, and even moved him into medium sized diapers. It's bitersweet.I realized in all of this, that I didn't have enough 6-9m clothing (one grocery bag full, to be exact!). So I went down... Continue Reading →

The Great SAHM vs. WOHM Debate

I wrote the article below for DiaperSwappers.com where I also blog at. While I'm not really supposed to double post, I wanted to get some input on your thoughts about this article before I post it over at Diaper Swappers. The reason is that I want to make sure I articulated myself well enough to... Continue Reading →

My first day back at work

Here’s a riddle for you: what do Christmas trees, “Free Mamograms Today—no appointment necessary” signs, alien yard decorations, and beer all have in common? Answer: NASCAR. NASCAR is a culture all of its own. For three days a year, four distinct groups of people come together for an event that gets crazier by the day.... Continue Reading →

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