On Taking Time

Taking time...it's a concept that floats around us in our busy lives. Taking time to stop. Taking time to listen. Taking time. It means we are being intentional. Purposeful. Focused. Right? It's also a phrase that conveys action. We are taking--seizing--time. Why does this matter? It matters because if we are not intentional, purposed, and... Continue Reading →

Why I Put “Mother” On My Resume

I did something I've never done before today. I listed "Mother" as a job title on my resume. I don't think that's on any of the HR How-To lists, nor was it mentioned in any professional business college courses I've ever taken. Yet, while I was typing up my relevant work experience, I realized that... Continue Reading →

Tips for Being Productive At Home

One thing that many moms struggle with is utilizing their time while at home. This doesn't just apply to stay at home moms, either! Often, we know that this is a problem but we don't know where to even begin in a way that will actually improve the situation. Fortunately, you can improve your own... Continue Reading →

Need Advertising Space?

Are you a business owner? I love to support other people developing or running their own entrepreneurial endeavors--especially parents! If you want to get some extra PR, send me an email at with "Advertising on Life More Simply" as the title subject. You will need a banner and website, but not a ridiculous amount of... Continue Reading →

A Paramedic’s Drive Home

The snow has been furious the last two nights as I drove home. What normally takes me 35 minutes took me exactly one hour on Tuesday night (with my two babies strapped into the back seat) and what seemed like an endless amount of time on Wednesday night as well. For some reason, the plow... Continue Reading →

Two BIG Secrets

I have two big secrets, and seriously, I am bursting at the seams. So instead of holding it inside me any longer, I'm going to tell ALL of you whom decide to read this blog post...Secret #1: I received the AWESOME, all natural, best-2nd-birthday-present-EVER, "Complete Kitchen Center" from Guidecraft in the mail yesterday! This is... Continue Reading →

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