My Plan

Sometimes, my life doesn't go as planned, and especially if it has anything to do with a computer. *sigh*Does this happen to anyone else?I had planned on posting every day during April. As we know, I almost made that happen, but not quite. I thank my work obligations for that one, but hey, that's what... Continue Reading →

International Baby Lost Mama Day

United in grief, we find love and strength International Babylost Mother's DayMay 2, 2010It was Thanksgiving morning, 1994, that I woke up to the voice of my Mother in our living room. I had thought it was my aunt at first--my mother wasn't supposed to be home. She and my father had gone to the... Continue Reading →


This is what I’m working towards. This is what motivates me.I want to wake up and just watch my daughter sleep. Right now, when I wake up in the morning, I have to get ready for work, pack the diaper bag, and then wake up my sleeping daughter so she can go to Grandma’s house.... Continue Reading →

A "Girl’s Night" Out

Last night, my husband asked me if it'd be okay if he had a "guy's night" with his friends on Saturday. Of course I'm okay with this--it's important to have friends and do things with them! Inside, though, I'm secretly a little bummed. It's not because he's not going to be with me, though. It's... Continue Reading →

Personal Update

Greetings!I thought you may enjoy a personal update from life in upstate NY. As usual, I'm running a little behind on blog stuff lately. If you're waiting for reviews and giveaways to be posted, don't worry-- I do actually work on writing them every day Mon-Fri! I just haven't had enough time all at once... Continue Reading →

You Might Be A Paramedic Mama If…

You Might Be A Paramedic Mama If... 1) You catch yourself angerly wondering why the car in front of you isn't pulling over...and then it hits you: you're driving your personal vehicle.2) When accused by your mother-in-law of being a safety freak about your own child, you respond with "better alive than dead" with no... Continue Reading →

Circles & Points

I have been struggling the last few days with the following dilemma: wear a sweater over my polo shirt and sweat to death (amidst answering the question of "why are you wearing a sweater when it's 88f degrees out?!") or don't wear the sweater and show the world round circles over wear my baby-feeders are... Continue Reading →

Does Cloth Diapering Really Save Money?

By now, you've heard that using cloth diapers will actually save you money. If you notice an average diaper costing $15.00, though, you may be wondering how this could be true. Check out the cloth diaper savings calculator at to see the truth.Note: I noticed that they price disposables at $0.17/diaper whereas I've calculated... Continue Reading →

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