I’m Nervous

The title says it all: I'm nervous. The problem, you're wondering? My family bought a house last year. It's in a nice little suburb of a small, well known town. The kind of place where you've got a big sem-private backyard and all of the neighborhood kids walk around on the streets unattended but pretty... Continue Reading →

CPSC Warning About Sling Carriers

On March 12, 2010, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released a statement advising people to "be cautious when using infant slings for babies younger than four months of age." They looked at reports involving deaths associated with sling-style infant carriers from the past 20 years and determined that slings can pose two different... Continue Reading →

Zak’s Dr. Sears mealtime prodcuts for kids

Spokane, WA (November 3, 2009) – Zak Designs is well known for making mealtime fun. But now it’s also helping to make meals healthier. Zak Designs has partnered with America’s Pediatrician, Dr. William Sears, to create a line of meal­time products for children designed to "help promote healthy eating." All of the products are BPA-,... Continue Reading →

PopATot Review & Giveaway

PopATot. This is a tool, play station, and baby holder all in one. I keep it in my car and find myself using it anywhere and everywhere, all of the time! The PopATot is a portable activity center for children ages 6-18 months that is lightweight, safe, and folds up for carrying and storage in... Continue Reading →

H1N1 Vaccine and Pregnant Women

 My decision is final: I will not be receiving the Swine Flu vaccine. This was a difficult decision and one that I've spent almost two months laboring over. Having finally made this decision after much research, though, I am also finally at peace. Working as a Paramedic in NY, the first word out was that I... Continue Reading →

Sportbrella Review & Giveaway

SKLZ, a company that supplies sports related items and equipment, sent me an interesting tool that protects people from the elements: a Sportbrella. Just imagine what Mary Poppin's umbrella would have looked like if it was red and she was a giant and you'll have a picture of what the Sportbrella looks like.Offering 50+ UV... Continue Reading →

Understanding UV Rays

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a form of light. The spectrum of colors that allow us to see things is actually dependent upon how long or short a wave length the light for that color is. The shorter the length, the bluer the color, with violet being the shortest color that humans can see. Hence the... Continue Reading →

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