$10 Credit to OneStepAhead

Being a recreation therapist (ok, I work as a Paramedic right now, but that RT degree knowledge hasn't left me!), I have a few rules for toys in my house: they must inspire. This means that the object should encourage my child to imagine, manipulate, learn, and grow. It should challenge, but not overwhelm. Be... Continue Reading →

Two BIG Secrets

I have two big secrets, and seriously, I am bursting at the seams. So instead of holding it inside me any longer, I'm going to tell ALL of you whom decide to read this blog post...Secret #1: I received the AWESOME, all natural, best-2nd-birthday-present-EVER, "Complete Kitchen Center" from Guidecraft in the mail yesterday! This is... Continue Reading →

Charlie’s Soap Review & Giveaway

A big thanks to A Mother's Boutique for being a big sponsor of the Baby Mama Shower!Charlie's Soap Review and GiveawayMy first experience with Charlie’s Soap was shortly after we started using cloth diapers. We tried using a Tide detergent for them and sure enough, pretty soon our diapers were leaking. After stripping them, we... Continue Reading →


Sony Music says it best...The 4TROOPS are 4 US combat veterans who fought on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan. They all shared a passion for music and are now sharing their talent with the world while creating awareness for veterans, soldiers and their needs. Featuring tracks such as "Courtesy of the Red, White,... Continue Reading →

Rockin’ Green Soap Review & Giveaway

A big thanks to A Mother's Boutique for being a big sponsor of the Baby Mama Shower!Rockin' Green Soap Review & GiveawayRockin' Green Soap is a powdered laundry detergent used for cleaning cloth diapers (well, and other clothes, too). Newer on the market, a lot of cloth diaper users still haven't tried it and I... Continue Reading →

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