Stop the attitudes about breastfeeding

I still remember, quite vividly, the day when my family doctor handed me literature at my firstborn's 9-month checkup. It was a photocopied group of papers dated in the 70's, and it was about breastfeeding. What is said about breastfeeding, was that if my child was still nursing by the time she was a year,... Continue Reading →

Nursing Mamas Can Be Sexy, Too!

One of the biggest things new mothers have to combat after giving birth is their new body image. For 9 months, your body changed and developed into something entirely different than it was before. Beautifully encasing a growing baby, your body is (for most) easy to cherish during that time. Then the baby comes and... Continue Reading →

Making Milk At A Meth Lab

Working mamas push the limits of where, when, and how to pump milk for their babies every day. A few months ago, I began to think of all the crazy places I've had to express milk for my children. Here was the list I could remember:Public restrooms EVERYWHERE, including while sitting on the floor of... Continue Reading →

My first day back at work

Here’s a riddle for you: what do Christmas trees, “Free Mamograms Today—no appointment necessary” signs, alien yard decorations, and beer all have in common? Answer: NASCAR. NASCAR is a culture all of its own. For three days a year, four distinct groups of people come together for an event that gets crazier by the day.... Continue Reading →

You Might Be A Paramedic Mama If…

You Might Be A Paramedic Mama If... 1) You catch yourself angerly wondering why the car in front of you isn't pulling over...and then it hits you: you're driving your personal vehicle.2) When accused by your mother-in-law of being a safety freak about your own child, you respond with "better alive than dead" with no... Continue Reading →

Circles & Points

I have been struggling the last few days with the following dilemma: wear a sweater over my polo shirt and sweat to death (amidst answering the question of "why are you wearing a sweater when it's 88f degrees out?!") or don't wear the sweater and show the world round circles over wear my baby-feeders are... Continue Reading →

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