Nursing Mamas Can Be Sexy, Too!

One of the biggest things new mothers have to combat after giving birth is their new body image. For 9 months, your body changed and developed into something entirely different than it was before. Beautifully encasing a growing baby, your body is (for most) easy to cherish during that time. Then the baby comes and... Continue Reading →

Happy 75th Birthday, Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood just celebrated their 75th "birthday." Ironic, because they take the birthdays away from hundreds of thousands of babies every year. Yes, they do some good things in my eyes like provide affordable contraceptives to the public. Unfortunately, even when I have been broke and uninsured, I have been unable to take advantage of... Continue Reading →

Webcasting my birthing relay race

I know how much ya'll have been missing my insightful and addictingly interesting posts, so I thought I'd try to write something real quick to let you know what's been going on. :-)I haven't been online in about 2 weeks and am only on now thanks to my parents' connection. Unfortunately, I don't ever get... Continue Reading →

Club de Bebe Reivew & Giveaway

A big thanks to A Mother's Boutique for being a big sponsor of the Baby Mama Shower!Club de Bebe Review & Giveaway Club de Bebe is a unique and important company. Founded by two sisters, their purpose is to "give moms something to look forward to all through their pregnancy." They achieve this through offering... Continue Reading →

Sleep Number Maternity Pillow Review & Giveaway

A big thanks to A Mother's Boutique for sponsoring the Baby-Mama Shower Event!Sleep Number Maternity Pillow Review & GiveawaySleep and pregnancy just don't go together. You get about half way into the second trimester and you're either plauged by charlie horses, having to pee, or the dreaded "I-can't-get-comfortable" feeling due to your large belly and... Continue Reading →

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