Family Camping Basics

Before children, I spent many summers backpacking, road tripping, and even leading high adventure wilderness trips in the Adirondack Mountains. The wilderness is a love of mine, and I have been patiently waiting until my children were old enough to share that love with me. That time has finally arrived, and though we won't be... Continue Reading →

PopATot Review & Giveaway

PopATot. This is a tool, play station, and baby holder all in one. I keep it in my car and find myself using it anywhere and everywhere, all of the time! The PopATot is a portable activity center for children ages 6-18 months that is lightweight, safe, and folds up for carrying and storage in... Continue Reading →

Understanding UV Rays

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a form of light. The spectrum of colors that allow us to see things is actually dependent upon how long or short a wave length the light for that color is. The shorter the length, the bluer the color, with violet being the shortest color that humans can see. Hence the... Continue Reading →

Permanent Water-Guard Review & Giveaway

*NOTE: the original post, entitled "Silicone Water-Guard Review & Giveaway mistakenly identified the object for review/giveaway as the Silicone Water-Guard when it should have been for the Permanent Water-Guard. Corrections were made on 8/05/09.*Let's be honest: sometimes, even when diapers are stripped, they still leak. We've had this problem with used FuzziBunz that we've bought... Continue Reading →

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