Math Class (part 4)

I was going to attend a 4-year college on a music scholarship. What held me back was the debt I would still assume since my scholarship wasn't full. Instead, I opted at the last minute to enroll in the local community college. I had wanted to start college a year earlier, but my parents squashed... Continue Reading →

Ron (part 3)

He was that guy that all the girls loved. Incredible blue eyes that looked into your soul, a great tan, and curly light brown hair. He always made it seem like you were the only person in the world when you talked to him, and he always had a bunch of girls lining up for... Continue Reading →

The List (part 2)

Things I Want In A Mancompiled from the ages of 17-21confident but humblehim to praysome musical connectiona gentlemannicepolitehave a good relationship with his parents, mother especiallyfor him to look at my eyesbe a leadersearch after Godgood personal hyginedetermined to live a holy lifehandsomea good listenertaller than menot a talker or playerunselfishfunnycan be sillywill protect me... Continue Reading →

Rachel (part 1)

I was that girl who every mom hopes her son will marry. Sensible, cute, smart, and as comfortable running a household as I was rappelling down the face of a cliff (which for me, means absolutely competent). Not only this, but I was focused. At the age of 16, I had my first "break up"... Continue Reading →

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