Dear Mom Like Me

Dear mom who is run down, looks like a hot mess, feels like she can't remember who she is, is sure she is failing, feels guilty because she is secretly angry inside, is convinced her life is a hamster wheel, but somehow loves being with these amazing little people even more than she is frustrated... Continue Reading →

The Proverbs 31 Husband

The Proverbs 31 HusbandAn excellent husband, who can find?He is far, far more precious than jewels.The heart of his wife trusts in him, and she will have no lack of gain because of him.This man does her good, and does not harm her, all of the days of his life.He seeks what he needs to provide for... Continue Reading →

Unique Wedding Readings on Love and Marriage

Oh my, the details of planning a wedding! In thinking about ceremony components, I realized one thing very quickly: I don't want the normal readings. I want something more meaningful, personal, and unique than the typical pieces. There are still a few biblical literature pieces I wanted to include, so I actually combined them into... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Thing About 2011

I had some amazing things happen in 2010. First, the birth of my son. Secondly, a job change. And thirdly an most recently, a new husband.I hope to write about my husband's and my journey during February (the month of looooooooove, ya know), but there's something I need to post today. I realize you may... Continue Reading →

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