On Taking Time

Taking time...it's a concept that floats around us in our busy lives. Taking time to stop. Taking time to listen. Taking time. It means we are being intentional. Purposeful. Focused. Right? It's also a phrase that conveys action. We are taking--seizing--time. Why does this matter? It matters because if we are not intentional, purposed, and... Continue Reading →

Apple Cranberry Walnut Fruit Crisp Recipe

I'm a big fan of fruit crisps since they're so easy and delicious. Here is my healthy rendition of a fruit crisp. Enjoy!Apple Cranberry Walnut Fruit Crisp RecipeApple Cranberry Walnut Fruit CrispPrep: 30 MinutesBake: 30 minutesYield: 6 servingsIngredients:5 cups sliced apples (unpeeled for extra fiber)1/4-1/2 cup dried cranberries1 cup regular rolled oats1 cup packed light... Continue Reading →

We Have the Flu–HELP!

We have the flu. Both babies and the mama...which blows my mind. My 100% breastfed baby is SICK and he's only 6-weeks-old?! How is this possible? LoveBug never got sick until she was exactly one-year-old. I guess it's really more of an intense upper respiratory infection plus a cough and low grade fever, but it... Continue Reading →

H1N1 Vaccine and Pregnant Women

 My decision is final: I will not be receiving the Swine Flu vaccine. This was a difficult decision and one that I've spent almost two months laboring over. Having finally made this decision after much research, though, I am also finally at peace. Working as a Paramedic in NY, the first word out was that I... Continue Reading →

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