Tips For Making Your Own Baby Food

Making your own baby food is an inexpensive way to provide maximum nutrition for your child. Most people don't realize how easy it is to do, too! I first got into making our own baby food after reading the Super Baby Food book and after comparing it to the cost, ingredients, waste, and unappealing nature... Continue Reading →

Free Udder Covers Nursing Cover!

Udder Covers is committed to making the "most dependable nursing covers on the market." With six gorgeous prints to choose from, mamas can choose either just the nursing cover or a nursing cover/milk band/nursing pad gift pack....and the best news of all is that it's you can get an Udder Cover for FREE right now!... Continue Reading →

Happy Shoes

I've fallen in love.I've never like shopping (aside from thrift shops and music stores), and never felt the need to have more than one pair of shoes at a time (my Keens have been on my feet every day since the snow melted...yes, I often wear socks with them)...And then today happened.First, I learned about... Continue Reading →

Mumtaz Creations Giveaway & Discount

Monique, the creator of Mumtaz Creations, uses the phrase "original wearable fiber art" to describe her business. Wearable art is surely what she offers, and her items are gorgeous, too! With original patterns and over 70 different color combinations to offer, your eyes will not be left unfulfilled when looking at one of her items.... Continue Reading →

Zinnia Flower Fitted Diaper Review & Deal

Zinnia Flower is a business owned by a Canadian lady who creates beautiful fitted diapers, wipes, and accessories. She's authorized to create diapers using the Fattycakes pattern (only select businesses are allowed to make and sell Fattycake diapers) and also provides custom made diapers with fast shipping and pretty packaging. The owner sent me a... Continue Reading →

Does Cloth Diapering Really Save Money?

By now, you've heard that using cloth diapers will actually save you money. If you notice an average diaper costing $15.00, though, you may be wondering how this could be true. Check out the cloth diaper savings calculator at to see the truth.Note: I noticed that they price disposables at $0.17/diaper whereas I've calculated... Continue Reading →

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