Tips for creating your Home Management Binder

A home management binder is literally, a three ring binder with dividers that contain important information, menus, schedules, ideas, and so much more (I'll be giving you everything you need to make your own tomorrow!). Unfortunately, many people don't know where to start when creating a home management binder. It's simpler than you may think,... Continue Reading →

DIY: T-Shirt Scarf in 11 Steps

 Step 1: gather old t-shirts Step 2: cut off the hem of the t-shirt  Step 3: cut t-shirt horizontally into 1" strips from bottom of shirt until you reach the armpitsStep 4: Cut off sleeves Step 5: cut off the hem of the sleeves  Step 6: Taking all of the hems, make one cut in each... Continue Reading →

Valentine Creations

It's Valentine's Day in our home! Thanks to shopping throughout the year for all annual events (saves a lot of money to buy on sale and store in my cupboard!), I was able to whip up a few special things for the kids even at 1am after I'd forgotten to plan ahead of time. Thank... Continue Reading →

$10 Credit to OneStepAhead

Being a recreation therapist (ok, I work as a Paramedic right now, but that RT degree knowledge hasn't left me!), I have a few rules for toys in my house: they must inspire. This means that the object should encourage my child to imagine, manipulate, learn, and grow. It should challenge, but not overwhelm. Be... Continue Reading →

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