Fourth Tone Sirens

Nothing like listening to the fourth round of sirens...explaining to my daughter that they're still going because there aren't enough volunteers...she asks why I don't join the fire department, and all of the times I've thought about trying to run calls with three kids in tow comes to mind. I'm listening to dispatch during all... Continue Reading →

Honoring and Remembering 9/11

I wanted to be in NYC yesterday, on 9/11. It's been ten years, and I can still vividly remember being outside hanging laundry on the clothesline when my sister came out and told me that an explosion or something happened in on of the Twin Towers. My mom and most of my seven sisters and... Continue Reading →

Love Exuberantly

This is what I think...You should hold your babies more, and never stop kissing them and telling them that you love them. You shouldn't be afraid to rock them to sleep, to let them get messy, or to let them snuggle you in the morning before you get out of bed. It doesn't matter if... Continue Reading →

A Paramedic’s Drive Home

The snow has been furious the last two nights as I drove home. What normally takes me 35 minutes took me exactly one hour on Tuesday night (with my two babies strapped into the back seat) and what seemed like an endless amount of time on Wednesday night as well. For some reason, the plow... Continue Reading →

Making Milk At A Meth Lab

Working mamas push the limits of where, when, and how to pump milk for their babies every day. A few months ago, I began to think of all the crazy places I've had to express milk for my children. Here was the list I could remember:Public restrooms EVERYWHERE, including while sitting on the floor of... Continue Reading →

Always Kiss Them Goodbye

Always kiss them goodbye.The call comes out over the radio and your adrenaline starts to rush. A boat accident. One of the men can't be found, and the other is badly injured. You jump in the back of the rig and start setting equipment up while your partner drives (too fast) to the scene.Always say... Continue Reading →

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