DIY: T-Shirt Scarf in 11 Steps

 Step 1: gather old t-shirts Step 2: cut off the hem of the t-shirt  Step 3: cut t-shirt horizontally into 1" strips from bottom of shirt until you reach the armpitsStep 4: Cut off sleeves Step 5: cut off the hem of the sleeves  Step 6: Taking all of the hems, make one cut in each... Continue Reading →

Swimsuits I Want

At some point, all of my extremely hard work is going to pay off (or so I tell myself). I am currently on day 21 of Insanity (check it the video below) and have yet to see any results. It's getting to be very, very depressing. I do actually think, though, that my thyroid is... Continue Reading →

Nursing Mamas Can Be Sexy, Too!

One of the biggest things new mothers have to combat after giving birth is their new body image. For 9 months, your body changed and developed into something entirely different than it was before. Beautifully encasing a growing baby, your body is (for most) easy to cherish during that time. Then the baby comes and... Continue Reading →

Blush Topless Undershirt Review & Giveaway!

A big thanks to A Mother's Boutique for being a big sponsor of the Baby Mama Shower!Blush Topless Undershirt Review & GiveawayBlush Accessories is a company formed by two women who had a problem once-upon-a-time: their shirts just didn't cover their bellies. Their solution? A Topless Undershirt that's like a tube top but worn around... Continue Reading →

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