Dear Mom Like Me

Dear mom who is run down, looks like a hot mess, feels like she can't remember who she is, is sure she is failing, feels guilty because she is secretly angry inside, is convinced her life is a hamster wheel, but somehow loves being with these amazing little people even more than she is frustrated... Continue Reading →

My First Day As A SAHM

I’ve been home now for almost three weeks after being taken off of work early due to pre-labor symptoms. My midwife thought that if I didn’t have the stress of work, then my contractions, cramping, and trouble breathing would subside. I thought it would, too. Then, I met my toddler. Let me preface this by... Continue Reading →

Charlie’s Soap Review & Giveaway

A big thanks to A Mother's Boutique for being a big sponsor of the Baby Mama Shower!Charlie's Soap Review and GiveawayMy first experience with Charlie’s Soap was shortly after we started using cloth diapers. We tried using a Tide detergent for them and sure enough, pretty soon our diapers were leaking. After stripping them, we... Continue Reading →

Seventh Generation Mother Nature Contest!

Win a green home makeover! Seventh Generation is giving away an awesome $5,000 green home makeover to one really lucky lady...The contest, which runs from now until May 31, asks you to nominate your “Mother Nature,” a person that has been inspirational to you by making their home, community and/or environment safer and healthier. The... Continue Reading →

Rockin’ Green Soap Review & Giveaway

A big thanks to A Mother's Boutique for being a big sponsor of the Baby Mama Shower!Rockin' Green Soap Review & GiveawayRockin' Green Soap is a powdered laundry detergent used for cleaning cloth diapers (well, and other clothes, too). Newer on the market, a lot of cloth diaper users still haven't tried it and I... Continue Reading →

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