Building A Better Blog: Time Management

Blogging takes time and lots of it. If you’re a serious blogger, you know this. If you aren’t, then trust me. One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing a beautiful blog carefully maintained and updated by a woman who is a stay-at-home mom. All I can figure is that she either doesn’t sleep or... Continue Reading →

Do YOU want to review products on your blog?

I'm often asked how it is that I'm able to review products on my blog. Frankly, this has been my best kept secret...until now! I love testing products, telling you about the products, giving companies suggestions for improvements, and, of course, receiving needed items for my family for only the cost of my time. The reason I started... Continue Reading →

Making Money Through Swagbucks FAQ

Building a Better Blog: How to make money online and through your blog Post #2: is (in essence) a paid to search program with a twist. You do searches (just like one would use Yahoo or Google) and randomly throughout the day you'll be rewarded with Swagbucks (which work like points). Swagbucks can be... Continue Reading →

How to Make Money Through Your Blog: Cashbaq

Building a Better Blog: How to make money online and through your blogPost #1: Cashbaq.comDescription: Cashbaq allows you to earn either a discount (some up to 50%, average is 5-6%) or a designated monetary amount ($20 is common) on your online purchases from over 2,900 stores. We're talking everything from eBay (2%) and (8%) to Continue Reading →

Building A Better Blog: Post Size

It's recommended that you keep your blog postings to a maximum of 500 words. In fact, most places who will feature you as a "guest blogger" have this as a requirement! The idea is that people lose interest fast when viewing web pages and especially when reading something online. If you find that you're not... Continue Reading →

Building A Better Blog: Statistics

Knowing the statistics of your blog is important for many reasons. The first is that it will provide you with a lot of valuable information:Location of your readersThe length of time that people are spending at your sitePath of entry, exit, and everywhere in betweenHow many visitors are new, returning; also how often they're returningWhat... Continue Reading →

Building A Better Blog: Technorati

One of the ways that you can easily and quickly promote your blog in cyberspace is by registering through Technorati. Often unheard of by armature bloggers, Technorati is one way that you can increase your traffic, page rank (where it shows up in search engine results), and value to companies offering products for review. What... Continue Reading →

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