A borrowed thought on birthing without fear

I began cleaning out my blog subscription list tonight. The first one was deleted with no problem since the author hadn't posted anything in a year. Then, not recalling what the next blog was, I clicked on Heartbeat Photography...and fell in love. I have a soft spot for newborn and pregnancy photography. There is something... Continue Reading →

The One Hour Birth of My Son

July 2, 2010It's night time, but I can't sleep. LoveBug is spending the night at her grandparents' house since we're scheduled to be induced tomorrow morning. My body desperately craves sleep, but instead, I find myself laying on the couch feeling Monkey staying awake with me all night long. This has been an easy pregnancy... Continue Reading →

Webcasting my birthing relay race

I know how much ya'll have been missing my insightful and addictingly interesting posts, so I thought I'd try to write something real quick to let you know what's been going on. :-)I haven't been online in about 2 weeks and am only on now thanks to my parents' connection. Unfortunately, I don't ever get... Continue Reading →

Preparing for the birth you want

A good birthing experience doesn't simply happen on its own. Thoughtful reflection, selection, and preparation are needed to ensure a gentle and positive birth since left to itself, a woman in our culture is all too often taught that giving birth is a medical problem requiring hospitalization and treatment. While this certainly can be the case should... Continue Reading →

International Baby Lost Mama Day

United in grief, we find love and strength International Babylost Mother's DayMay 2, 2010It was Thanksgiving morning, 1994, that I woke up to the voice of my Mother in our living room. I had thought it was my aunt at first--my mother wasn't supposed to be home. She and my father had gone to the... Continue Reading →

The Blessingway

"Just as a tree grows best when anchored firmly in the earth, so can a pregnant mother feel strong and capable when supported by a sisterhood of nurturing friends." -April LussierIn contemplating the fact that I'm almost 18-weeks pregnant with my second child, my mind has been busy making lists of all of the baby... Continue Reading →

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