Life More Simply is a blog about natural living and natural parenting while still in the “real” world. It began after I had my first child and was a full-time working, breast milk pumping, cloth diapering, and co-sleeping mama. I realized that there were resources for more traditional families on either side of the “natural” fence, but not a whole lot was available for the “blended” family of real world living vs. natural living. Hence, Life More Simply was born!

Over the years, I’ve added two more children to my family, been divorced due to domestic violence and remarried, home schooled, public schooled, worked outside the home, worked from home, stayed at home mothering my Wild Things, and failing at my attempts to keep my house clean in the process.

I have a bachelor’s of science in both Psychology and Recreation Therapy, am a certified birth and bereavement doula, worked as a Paramedic at the Critical Care level, am trained in herbalism and aromatherapy, am trained as a Music Together teacher, hold certifications from Sacred Pregnancy, and have studied traditional postpartum care and associated arts for the last few years.

Currently, my family lives in the Catskill Mountain area of Upstate NY. I work from home teaching online holistic health classes, managing my online platforms including our Holistic Mama’s Facebook group at www.tinyurl.com/HolisticMamas, a domestic violence ministry at www.thehopeproject5020.org, and my traditional postpartum care/family service business at www.blessedmamaservices.com. Really, though, I spend 97% of my time working on supporting and raising my kids through the craziness of this world, hopefully preserving their spirits, teaching them a love of learning, and protecting their souls.

We love to explore, to learn, to experience, to worship, to laugh, to dance, to sing, to play, to snuggle, to be passionate, and to live life to its fullest. We desire a purposeful, simple, peaceful life–that’s full of energy and memories. So welcome to our world, where we garden AND buy frozen pizza, where we work outside the home AND cloth diaper, where I have pumped breast milk in the back of ambulances and in public restrooms, and where everything isn’t always perfect.


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