Online business hacks you need TODAY


One of the things I commonly (AKA all the time) see, is people wasting time with how they do business work online. Everything from counting hundreds of contest entries to writing the same response of information to someone over and over and over. What is it costing you? A tremendous amount of time. Time that you aren’t spending gaining new customers, getting the word out there, or following up with folks. And you can forget having time to develop anything new!

But that’s all about to change. Give me a #highfive in the comments after you find something in this list that’s going to take your hours of busy work and turn them into minutes, ok?

5. Fiverr. Here you can find high quality logos, YouTube style video intro’s and outro’s, print designs, content writers, and really anything else you could need to brand and present your business. You can even buy potential customer email address lists. Best of all? You can get what you need for $5. And a turn around time of three days. Really. Literally. It’s unbelievable, but true. Make an account right now:

4. Rafflecopter. They say they are “the world’s easiest way to run a giveaway.” And they are. Stop counting contest entries! Use a LINK instead that gathers all the info you need, provides multiple ways for people to earn entries (sharing your contest? Liking a comment? Leaving a comment? Subscribing to something?), and then will even pick the winner for you. The best part, other than saving you hours of brain draining time? You can collect EMAILS to filter into your email list! Woo-hoo! You’ll also be able to compare all of your giveaway campaigns so you can figure out what days/times/products/entries reach the most people. Go now and experience the magic:

3. Surveymonkey. I’m sure you’ve used this at some point in the past as a customer, but are you using it for market research or information collection for yourself yet? If not, you should consider it. They’ve come a long way from simply offering blank canvases where you created your own content, to pre-designed survey templates and customizing options that allow you to add your logo and choose colors to keep with your branding. There is even an “A vs. B” survey randomization option so that you can compare the answers for two different styles of survey! If you don’t know what this is and aren’t sure it can benefit you, shoot me a message. It’s a psychological study tool that could be of great advantage to you as you research or plan marketing campaigns. The point is this–stop asking people the questions you need to get answers to, and send them to a survey instead. Have fun designing:

2. Leadpages. You know how you are always trying to give your elevator speech and then capture information, but you end up sending someone to your full website or a random page off of your blog, or maybe you don’t have anywhere at all to send them, so you just spill too much information and they get scared and run away? Meet Leadpages. It’s pricey, yes, but the conversion rate will skyrocket for you when you have a good lead page to send someone to. What’s a lead page? In short, it’s a simple, one page website you send someone to that provides enough information + an incentive (free PDF download? Exclusive video content? More information?) for them to provide their information to you. The give you their email address, they click a button, and whola. Now you have your lead and they have more content. The research shows that you NEED a lead page if you are offering an online service (coaching? information marketing? business opportunity?) and want conversions (aka, if you want people to sign up for what you’re offering). Be brilliant:

1. ez texting. Ever wonder how hard or expensive it would be to add text message services to your clients? Guess what! It’s not hard, and it’s not expensive, and the rate at which it’s going to turn your sales, leads, and outcomes is high. This particular provider offers multiple different plans (starting at the no-monthly-fee one which only costs $0.05 for every message you send), and services like scheduled messages, free unlimited messages that people send you, voice messages, and even DRIP CAMPAIGNS. This is like the biggest time saver in the world. Seriously, stop trying to run your own text campaigns. It’s way too much time.  Run to this one instead:


These five business hacks will save you time, increase your professional appearance, and help you streamline your business practices. If you aren’t streamlining everything possible, you aren’t fulfilling your potential!




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