20 Non-Facebook Ways to Market your Business


With today’s society, most of direct sales marketing information is geared toward reaching a crowd on Facebook. You’ve probably also noticed that Facebook is THE place where all of your friends (on Facebook, anyway) seem to be marketing THEIR businesses! (Probably unsuccessfully, but the instructions on how to properly do that will have to be in another post)

…but what if you want a reach outside of Facebook algorithms? What if you want a different audience? What if your friends don’t want to be pestered all the time by your wrap, pink drink, lipstick, or the fact that you “earn money while relaxing on the beach” (and seriously, don’t say that–that’s not what you’re doing, and not the type of entrepreneurs owners you want to attract in your downline). What if…gasp…you don’t have a Facebook account?!

Then, this. This is what you do.

20 Non-Facebook Ways to Market your Business

  1. Lead capture pages
  2. Email list
  3. Regular mail list
  4. Newsletter
  5. Text list (special offers and graphics)
  6. Blog
  7. Pinterest
  8. Zoom online meetings (app)
  9. Displays at local businesses
  10. YouTube tutorials
  11. Vlog (video blog)
  12. Instagram
  13. Offering online classes
  14. Local flyers
  15. Job fairs, Health expos, Women’s event booths (tailor events to your company)
  16. Business cards with samples or coupons
  17. Customer referral program
  18. Customer punch card
  19. Trading parties with consultants from other companies
  20. Giveaway lead-generating contests


Let us know what other non-Facebook marketing ideas you have used in the comments!


Image used in this blog post was found at http://www.cibc-bc.com/

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