Weekend Sale on the Barefoot Book of Children!


The popular Barefoot Book of Children is on sale this weekend! Grab a discounted copy quick–the sale ends at 8:59am EST on Monday, 12/12/2016! Shipping in time for the holidays is still available, and if you are a parent or teacher, you need this book in your library. I was blessed to receive a copy for free when I became a Barefoot Books Ambassador , and I highly recommend it for every home and classroom.

It’s so important to have literature like this available to your children, because it is diverse and inclusive. Children start to develop prejudices by the age of two-years-old, and one of the ways to help them develop empathy and cultural appreciation is to give them access to inclusive and diverse literature. It doesn’t get easier, more appropriate, or more beautiful than this book!

Inside the hard cover, there are beautiful illustrations from around the world, showing all types of work, living, families, and ways of life in a respectful and appropriate manner. In the back, there are 15 pages of educational end notes! My kids love this book and I am continually having to wipe of residue from the back from sticky fingers because they feel the need to “read” it all the time.

Perfect for ages 3-10, you can read the full description, look inside, and get your copy by clicking here.

Happy Holidays!

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