DIY Black Drawing Salve Recipe

Black Drawing Salve is a must have for your home First Aid kit. It’s an awesome herbal product that has a rich history of being used to “draw” things out of the body. The ingredients give it detoxification properties, so it can be used any time that you feel the need to detoxify or draw out something from the body. Safe for all ages and conditions, it is applied to the skin, covered with a bandage to keep it on and from staining clothing. I like to reapply every twelve hours or so until the condition is improved and the body restored to its normal balance.

As for how easy this is to make, I would say that it’s an intermediate herbal project because it requires multiple steps. Even if you haven’t made anything with herbs or essential oils before, this can be a great place to start and will teach you multiple things about making your own natural body care products!

2 TBS Beeswax
3 TBS Cocoa Butter
3 TBS Shea Butter
2 TBS Olive Oil infused with Calendula, Plantain, and Comfrey Root (I will post instructions for making herbal infused oil tomorrow!)
1 TBS vitamin E oil
1 TBS Honey Powder
2 TBS Activated Charcoal Powder
3 TBS Rhassoul Clay
20 drops Lavender Essential Oil (find out how to order the pure and safe essential oil I buy at wholesale prices in

Put all oils and beeswax together, and melt over medium-high heat until melted. Let it sit (burner off) and cool, but not to point that it’s hardening–generally about 15 minutes. If it starts to harden, just reheat until it’s all liquid again. Add the rest of the ingredients except the Lavender essential oil, and stir well. Lastly, when the mixture is not so hot that it will burn you, but when it’s not so cold that it’s solidifying, add the Lavender essential oil and pour into jars to cool for several hours.

To use, slab enough of the Drawing Salve to create a thick paste on the spot that you want it to work on. Cover it with a bandage to keep it on and to keep it from staining your clothing. Reapply as needed. For external use only. Do not apply to broken skin.

We buy our herbs and butters, etc. from Mountain Rose Herbs . We would love if you would use our link to purchase yours too, as this helps us keep bringing you great content for free! To find out where we buy our pure, therapeutic essential oils at wholesale price, you can contact us directly or join our free  holistic Facebook community.

Let us know how this recipe worked for you, and what you’re using it for!

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