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Welcome back, Feedburner readers! Here’s a recap of the latest blog posts that happened since I moved my blog to WordPress–that you unfortunately missed out on until now. 😦 Check them out and enjoy!

What’s More Important Than The Gorilla: in light of the child-gorilla-zoo incident, how it took over social media, and what’s more important than that. And oh, yeah, a recap of the fun things that my children somehow manage to do even though I watch them closely in public.

Easy DIY Felt Breakfast Food Tutorial: You won’t believe how cute and easy it is to whip up a felt breakfast buffet for your kids! Pancakes, butter, syrup, eggs, and bacon. Perfect for your child’s next birthday or just because!

Why I Put “Mother” On My Resume: Why I put the job title of “Mother” on the work history part of my resume, and why you should, too.

Flag Day Activities You Can Do TODAY!: Originally written to give you easy peasy activities you can do without prep, you can use these for July 4th, too!

10 Essential Oil Hacks for Busy Moms: Everything from grumpy kids to faking a clean house. Here’s your guide to making your life easier (and smell better).

Here’s to the Forgotten Dads: a tribute to the dads who have lost a child during pregnancy, at birth, or any time after.

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