Why I Put “Mother” On My Resume

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I did something I’ve never done before today. I listed “Mother” as a job title on my resume. I don’t think that’s on any of the HR How-To lists, nor was it mentioned in any professional business college courses I’ve ever taken. Yet, while I was typing up my relevant work experience, I realized that I’d be doing myself a disservice if I failed to list the most demanding, challenging, and most important job I’ve ever had. Most women probably leave this off of their resumes, but me? I’m owning it.

When you read “Mother” as a job title on my resume, you know that I’m committed. You know I’m dedicated. You know I’m not easily deterred by challenges. It means I get up in the middle of the night, that I persevere through sleeplessness, that if I don’t know an answer or my method isn’t working, that I research, learn, and keep trying. Giving up simply isn’t an option, no matter how overwhelmed or “up against a wall” I feel.

When you read “Mother,” you know that I’m resourceful. That I improvise, I make do, I easily shift with the situation, and can come up with ideas that most employers can’t even imagine. I’m a problem solver, and a solution oriented-goal driven, but flexible person.

When you read “Mother,” you know that I am a leader. I can delegate, can advocate, can find and use other’s talents and resources to further the goals of my organization. I can listen well, I can speak well, and the choices I make have purpose behind them.

“Mother” fills every gap in any resume, because it indicates that during “that time” on my resume, I was working harder, longer, and with less reward than any of my other jobs ever gave me. It means that my character grew by leaps and bounds, that I learned valuable workplace skills, and that I accomplished an awful lot that is literally making a huge difference in the immediate and far future of this World.

So even though it’s only one word, “Mother — 2008 to present” should be the most impactful job you read on my resume. I will proudly list it as my work experience, because what I’ve done and been through with that job is more of an accomplishment than my college degrees, the lives I’ve saved, the programs I’ve developed, the employees I’ve managed, or the sales I’ve ever made combined. It’s the boot camp of all boot camps for developing work and life-related assets, and you bet I’m going to put that in ink on my expensive paper. When you read my resume and it ends with “Mother,” know all that it means, and carry it close, because that particular work experience will be a golden asset for your company.


Illustration credit: http://kalidraws.blogspot.com/2012/07/the-power-of-mom.html

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