Easy DIY Breakfast Felt Food Tutorial


Once in a blue moon, I am home alone without my children. You’d think I’d take a nap, but I’m adversely affected with surges of energy when I’m alone, and I have an internal argument over exactly what I should accomplish during felt play foodthis time. Following that, marathons of creativity occur where I actually do what I decided to accomplish (which the materials for have probably been sitting, all alone, in my craft area for a year).

Our entire collection of hand made felt food was the result of one of these blue moons, and honestly, creating the bounty you see in these photos was so much easier than it looked in the felt food tutorials I had found! After viewing those tutorials, I decided to strike out on my own and free-hand everything. And it worked.

Here’s how (also in free-hand fashion, because trust me, you’ll do better with that than a complicated tutorial), starting with the Breakfast Food of pancakes, syrup, butter, eggs, and bacon:



  1. Felt food Eggs. Irregularly cut out shapes for the “whites” of the egg. Cut out circles, larger than you want, for the “yolks.” Roll a small amount of cotton or wool batting (stuffing) and put under the yolk, then carefully (so your fingers don’t burn off), hot glue the yolk edges onto the white. Alternatively, you could use Tacky Glue (non toxic) or sew those yolks on.
  2. Pancakes. Cut out circles, and sew around the edges, leaving about a 1″ opening. Then, using that opening, turn the pancakes so they’re the right side out. Stuff with minimal stuffing, fold the unclosed edges in, and sew it up (or glue).
  3. Syrup. You’re going to love this. Just cut irregular patterns out of dark brown felt so that they’ll be just a little bigger (or smaller, whichever you prefer) than the pancakes. Bam. Done.
  4. Butter. Cut small rectangles from yellow felt, put a smidgen of stuffing in the center, and glue or sew the edges shut.
  5. Bacon. Using a dark brown piece of felt, cut a wavy line. Make a 1.5″ (or so) straight cut at a 90 degree angle off of that (for the straight edge of the bacon), and then follow your same wavy line pattern to cut the other wavy side of the bacon, and finish off with another straight cut bringing all of the sides together. Lay this piece on a pink piece of felt, and cut out a skinny wavy line, following the waves from the bottom bacon piece. That might all sound confusing, but if you look at the photo, it will hopefully make sense. The whole point is to make sure your wavy lines all mirror each other for each individual piece of bacon. Once you have your pink skinny piece and your wider dark brown piece, just sew right down the middle (following the wave, of course) of the pink piece to attach the two pieces.

felt play food tutorial

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