Family Camping Packing Checklist *FREE DOWNLOAD*

We’ve put together a fantastic checklist of everything you’ll need when camping with your family (and just by yourself, if that’s a thing for you). Specific to tent camping, you can easily adapt this to RV camping or backpacking, and it includes space for you to add your own items, as well! It was written by combining my experience leading wilderness backpacking trips, camping across the US on road trips, and having three young children of my own now.

Best of all…it’s FREE!

Download the nice printable version from DropBox by clicking here

Family Tent Camping Equipment Checklist

Camp Setup
 Medical First Aid Kit
 Herbal First Aid Kit (including essential oils, herbs, and homeopathy)
 2-3 large tarps
 2 long, thin ropes (clothesline type)
 Clothespins
 Tent, fly, footprint
 Extra tent stakes
 Shammy (for wet tent)
 Hand floor brush and dustpan (small, for sweeping tent floor)
 Tent light
 Battery operated lantern
 Extra batteries
 Bear spray
 Dishwashing buckets- 2
 Biodegradable dish soap
 Water
 Food
 Cooking dishes
 Eating dishes, cups, and utensils (one mess kit per person)
 Camp stove
 Grill for fire
 Foil
 Ziploc bags
 Paper towels
 Day packs
 Playing cards, small games
 Guitar, instruments
 Duct Tape
 Pillows (because you’re car camping so you can!)
 Camping chairs (1 pp) (optional)
 Fold up table (optional, depending on campsite)
 Lightweight hammock (optional)
 Bear containers or the like (optional for car camping)

Survival Kit
 Compass
 Maps of area
 Flashlight (with extra batteries and bulb)
 Paper and pencil
 Extra waterproof matches
 All weather fire starter
 Whistle*
 Strong nylon cord
 Toilet paper
 Vaseline
 Salt Tablets
 Copper Wire
 Water purifier tablets
 Solar cell phone charger
 Emergency radio

Pocket necessities
 Leatherman
 Windproof/waterproof matches
 Compass
 Watch
 Refillable water bottle
 Carabineer

Toilet articles
 Toilet paper
 Biodegradable soap
 Small towel/washcloth
 Unscented lip balm*
 Unscented hand cream*
 Small shovel
 Garbage bag for pack out areas
 Tootbrush/paste*
 Contact solution and case/glasses*
 Feminine hygiene articles*
 Diapers and wipes for babies
 Hairbrush and hair ties*
 Solar water heater bag for showers

Pack necessities
 Sleeping bags
 Sleeping pads
 Headlamps
 Sunglasses
 Water bottles
 Clothing
 Swim suit
 Towel or Shammy
 Mirror
 Medications
 Map
 Compass
 Cash
 ID
 Sunscreen
 Sun hat
 Bug spray & itch cream
 Baby wipes
 Bandaids/hand sanitizer/etc.
 Raingear (for pack, as well)


*Designates something that you may prefer to put in your personal pack

The checklist conveniently divides everything you’ll need for a successful camping trip into these categories: camp setup, pocket necessities, survival kit, pack necessities, and other. It’s free for you and all of your friends to download and use, just please link back to this original page if you share it with anyone! Download your free copy today and enjoy the outdoors!

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