Kid Friendly Passover Seder Resources

We’re always on the hunt to make Biblical holidays the most memorable experience possible, which means incorporating as many hands-on and fun activities as possible for young children! Here are our very favorite Passover and Seder resources that we are using this year:

Messianic Haggadah and Seder Instructions from
A great resource that quickly outlines the basics of Passover and how-to of doing a Seder. The Haggadah is the “instruction book” for families during the Seder, and he has a free printable one that you can copy off for your family. It’s in color, easy to follow, and you can just change things to accommodate anything different that you want to do for your family.

10 Plagues Finger Puppets — FREE printable over at 
There’s also a coloring version of these available. Just print on cardstock, cut, tape, and go! Use these as a teaching resource before the Seder, or use during the Seder to keep hands busy and to aid the kids in acting out the 10 plagues when you get to that part of the ceremony.

Kid’s Passover Seder Set — made by KidKraft
We use this in the two weeks leading up to Passover to introduce the elements of the Seder, to let the kids have a special “toy” to play with around the holiday, and to have a chance to have dramatic play of Pesach.

Preschool Pesach Printable Activities — FREE from
Just scroll down to the Pesach section. Our favorites right now are the activity book and “Pesach, Pesach, What do you see?”. I laminated the activity book and put it in a 3-ring binder so it can be reused. For the puzzle pieces, I printed two copies, cut one into actual pieces, and adhered velcro to the original and the pieces so that you can “match” the pieces to the puzzle. We use the KidKraft set in conjunction with “Pesach, Pesach, What do you see?” to talk about the different parts of the Seder. 
Other Things:
– Various “Sunday School” printables about the life of Moses and the Exodus
– Reading Exodus from the Bible
– Watching “The Prince of Egypt” (on Netflix)
– Watching The Greatest Story Ever Told’s “Easter Story” episode (cartoon I watched as a kid and loved–available on YouTube!)
– Various “Sunday School” printables about the death and resurrection of Yeshua (Jesus)
The kids have a BLAST and are eager to learn and experience the Seder and Passover, and can’t wait until Friday to start everything! It is such an honor to teach my children and experience for myself the Feasts of God. Every single time, I learn new things and discover deeper heart truths! Have a blessed and awesome Pesach!

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