Before You Buy Or Blend A Postpartum Depression Tea…

With so much information on the Internet, it’s easy to find recipes for herbal tea blends or to find already prepared tea mixes. Many moms are interested in natural or holistic ways to help support their mood and thoughts postpartum, which makes herbal teas for postpartum depression a welcome option. The problem, though, is that many recipes and blends online don’t always take everything into consideration that you need to. While having good intentions, those sharing their recipes on blogs and forums may not understand medicinal interactions, the pharmacokinetics or pharmacodynamics of the herbs, or how they affect other things. It’s easy to be distracted by the fact that a particular herb can help depression and to not realize it can decrease milk supply, for instance. How many mother’s could get thrown into a deeper depression by choosing an herb that isn’t appropriate for them? And how many could run into physical problems by choosing herbs that interact with prescribed medications in a negative way? When chosen and used correctly, herbs are a safe and effective way of helping support a mother through postpartum depression and changes, so it’s worth knowing what you need to know! Here are seven things to consider before buying or blending a postpartum depression tea:

  1. How the herb interacts with medications (including MOA inhibitors or tricyclic anti-depressants)
  2. How the herb affects milk supply
  3. What the herb does if you take it long term
  4. How long you’ll need to take that herb before seeing a result
  5. If an herb counteracts another herb in the blend (this can be a positive thing, too, like in the milk decrease/increase scenario)
  6. If an herb works synergistically with another herb in the bled
  7. If the herbs chosen are targeting a symptom or the root problem, and if that is what you are looking for
Happy tea drinking!
Written from our Blessed Mama Services side of things, which is a holistic business specializing in traditional postpartum care. We exist to support mothers as they strengthen their families. and on Facebook at

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