Top 5 Easy Tricks To Make Food Your Medicine

We are all familiar with basic foods that help our immune system and help us fight disease, but did you know that you might not be using those foods correctly to release their maximum potential? Here are my Top 5 Easy Tricks to maximize the healing benefits of what you’re probably already using:

  1. Garlic: Smash your raw garlic, then let it sit in the open air for 15 minutes before using it in your cooking. This will help activate and preserve the disease fighting enzymes so they aren’t destroyed as much in cooking.
  2. Tumeric: When using tumeric, always use black pepper as well. The black pepper will increase the bioavailability of the tumeric so that your body can actually benefit from it!
  3. Herbal Tea: To extract as many active ingredients as possible from a cup of tea, cover it while letting it steep.
  4. Herbs: When possible, use fresh herbs instead of dry ones. You then eliminate the possibility of an herb having lost its potency.
  5. Broth: For broths, make your own bone broth whenever you accumulate enough chicken or beef bones, divide into 1 cup portions, and freeze in individual baggies. When someone is sick, just pull a bag out and defrost! SO much more nutritious and beneficial than store bought broth, and this makes it super easy to have on hand.

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