Frugal Vacation? Here’s How!

I’m the queen of deals when we travel. For our honeymoon, we did a full week in Florida with a cruise to the Bahamas, a sunrise hot air balloon ride, special dinners and entertainment, swimming with dolphins, a day resort, and soooooooooo much more. It. Was. Awesome. Thankfully, since then, we discovered a way to give us the same deals (and believe me, I Googled and price mapped it all out) without me having to spend hours doing the research (thank you, Jesus!). We bought a vacation club membership and use that now for any traveling we do (and will definitely use it a lot more once life allows!)–the company buys up vacation things, time shares, and contracts with all sorts of travel/entertainment/etc. corporations, and then gives us access to the discounted prices. It’s pretty awesome.

So today, I got an email from them, and there is a referral promotion going on. Want a week long stay at a resort for SERIOUSLY cheap? Want all the discounts we get? Want a free 4 day/3 night cruise (we did a 3 day/2 night Bahamas one during our honeymoon through them!)? They have a current customer referral thing that gets you all of this (and a 6 month membership) for $189! I’m super excited about this, because as a person who has a degree in Psychology and Recreation, I totally am behind the importance of vacations, relaxation, a Sabbath, and restoration. Do it!

Here is the link you need to go to get all the information:

Note: YOU WILL NEED MY REFERRAL NUMBER to put in the bottom box. It is 71100, and they’re saying that only the first 100 people will get the free cruise (although I imagine that’s a ploy and I think you’ll get it if you ask). Get on it!

Disclaimer: when you do this, I think I’m supposed to get a $50 travel credit or something. And when three of my friends are referred by me, I’ll also get the free cruise. So I think we should all vacation together and relax somewhere AWESOME! 😉

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