Wooden Nursing Necklaces Co-Op **CHEAP!** Open for 72 Hours

I stumbled across a great Co-Op for nursing necklaces at a price that you’ll want to stock up on for gifts for others! The organizer agreed to keep it open for another 72 hours so my readers can get in on the action, so here it is! 🙂

Cost Details:
  • Price: $2.17 per necklace.
  • Co-op Fee: $1.00.
  • Payment: Please send PayPal payment to momof3littles@aol.com minus $1.00 off of the Co-Op fee that’s listed on the spreadsheet (the organizer changed the fee but didn’t do so on the spreadsheet, so it will tell you to pay $1 more in the total than you need to!). When paying, do NOT put anything in subject or notes.
  • Shipping: This will be calculated after the order is placed. You will be responsible to send payment for shipping to momof3littles@aol.com when your amount due is anounced on the spreadsheet.The organizer will use polys and ship FC to save everyone low costs on shipping.
Product Details:
  • Ring size: about 60mm
  • Length: 70cm
  • Material: wood + wax cotton
  • Lead Testing: I asked the manufacturer about this, and we are told that these necklaces are “safe”, but I don’t know anything further than that.
Ordering Information:
  • Co-Op will close Thursday at 12pm, EST. Payment should be sent immediately after you sign up. Any orders for which payments are not received by Thursday at 11:59pm have the right to be canceled by the Co-Op organizer.
  • Shipping can take up to 25 days to the organizer, and then on to us if our total order doesn’t equal $200 or more. If our order does go over $200, then we will qualify for express shipping to the organizer.
  • To place your order with the Co-Op, add your information and “save” it to this spreadsheet by clicking HERE.

“Pea In Pod” Style
“Flower” Style
“Circle” Style
“Wooden Bead Circle” Style

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