Groovy Girls Cali Candy Cane Review & GIVEAWAY!

Manhattan Toy Company recently sent me their “Cali Candy Cane” Groovy Girls doll to review. It was a HUGE hit with my just-turned-4-years-old daughter! I actually brought it to her after she was in bed one night, and her eyes lit up and she got the biggest smile as she asked if it was for her…then she proceeded to sleep with Cali (who is now named “Susan” in our home) every night for over a week straight. The first thing that my daughter noticed about the doll is her hair. She commented on it multiple times, and asked if she could brush it. πŸ™‚ Her hair really is amazing though! It’s super soft and pretty durable with yarn style fibers, having tiny braids and being attached SOLIDLY to her head. I don’t, however, suggest brushing it. πŸ™‚

Another feature that my daughter liked a lot is that the dress is removable. The velcro holding the halter part of the dress isn’t as strong as I’d like (it easily is undone), but it’s not a big deal to put it in place again. The only thing my daughter doesn’t care for is that the purse is secured to Cali’s arm and so she can’t take it off (which also means she can’t lose it). Another cool thing is that the Groovy Girl dolls are bigger than you’d expect. Cali is 13″ tall!

The thing that I appreciate the most other than that the doll is made out of cloth, is that the dress is fashionable but not too-grown up. I think the Groovy Girl series would really be popular with any little girl from age 3 to 11 or so! The materials are solid, the idea cute, and the doll fun to look at.

You can buy your own Cali Candy Cane doll for $20 at Manhattan Toy’s website who describes Cali as being “as sweet as they come. Her velvet red dress and green and white striped stockings reveal her tasteful holiday personality. Her hair is full of candy cane colors with a mixture of light blonde and red highlights. Cali Candy Cane is as festive as they come, from her stocking cap to her cute green handbag.”

You can also WIN HER right here, right now!

Disclaimer: Manhattan Toy provided product for review and giveaway. The opinion above is all my own.Β 

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  1. I have the sweetest little granddaughter up north who is 6 and has 2 older brothers. She needs a little friend to help her keep her brothers in line…lol…This so cute.
    Martha (Donnie) W. ki4ggs(at)gmail(dot)com


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