50% Off Christmas + Montessori/Waldorf Inspired Gifts! HURRY!

I love, LOVE giving Christmas gifts. I do have a rule though: the gifts I buy need to be at around a 50% discount when I buy them (once in a while, I do make exceptions). To do this, I often buy throughout the year and store everything in large plastic totes. Our new Montessori Homeschooling journey has led me to also be keeping eyes out for Montessori-inspired sales, of which I almost never, EVER find.

Until now!

You can imagine my excitement at getting on Plum District tonight to check out another potential sale (I passed), and finding the one I’m sharing with you now! I was really stoked about Mama May i first of all because all of the toys are handmade. The store was launched in 2009 by a mama, inspired by her little ones and her knowledge of Montessori and Waldorf methods. Her stuff rocks, and she doesn’t even know I’m saying this!

The prices are very decent for this sort of product (trust me, I’ve been stalking and wishing that I could actually purchase materials like these for the last few months), the colors are gorgeous, the ideas behind them brilliant, and there is a LOT to choose from!

So the deal I found is for $40 worth of merchandise for $20. You can buy two gift certificates per household, and it’s good until 3/31/13. I’m stocking up and then going to wait until Black Friday/Cyber Monday to use them, just in case there are going to be even bigger sales. I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep the night before!!!

You MUST buy your certificate within the next four days (the deal is “done” after that). To buy it, go to: http://www.plumdistrict.com/three_for_free/4e939e0baf/click

Here are some of my favorite picks!

Sound Bird- Flower ($14 full price)

Made with 100% cotton fabric in coordinating colors, this little birdie is the perfect size for little hands to hug, toss, jingle, and hold. With a rewarding jangle sound every time he moves around; to a funky textured, ribbon tail feather; to the open ended play possibilities of having a bird to care for, this little Sound Bird is sure to hold the attention of your little naturalist.

Sight and Sound Cards ($45 full price)

 These Sight & Sound Sensory Cards were the perfect little something for my little one to “grow on”. Each part of this ensemble has a high contrast black and white print on one side – great for little eyes and growing brains. I would hang one from her car seat as a something fun to look at while we traveled – for the “Sight” component. The reverse side has one of six colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple. Each of the colored fabrics has a different look and feel – they are textured to add a “Touch” component. For added texture and play there are four coordinating colored ribbons hanging from the sides – perfect for little hands to find once finger investigation and coordination are the modes to discovery. Not only are they finger and eye-candy but, when you shake them, they each have a different “musical” sound. So, when little explorers become interested in cause and effect, it’s a great reward for moving hands. A grow-with-me toy, even still…the colors, textures, and sounds make great conversation pieces and vocabulary building. Circles, Squares, Diamonds, Colors, Numbers, Counting, and Sound complete this whimsically sweet Sensorial Set – sure to elicit a giggle and inquisitive fiddle from your little one.

Rainbow Regatta ($25 full price)

Let this little fleet* inspire your little one’s imagination to set sail and wander freely among the high seas and low tides of rain-fallen puddles and hose water streams. Perfectly pieced for friendly competition, these little sailing teams will delight onlookers and sail sponsors alike. Collect the whole flotilla and choose a favorite color to cheer to the finish line. Each colored vessel comes with two matching people to lead the way to victory. Hoist the sail, load the cabin, and set off on a nautical adventure. Enjoy creating stories and triumphs with your little captain – whatever floats your little one’s fancy.

Welcome Bees ($19 full price)

ncluded in each set is one Rainbow Hive, and six miniature friends, each with tiny, colorful wingspans. The hive has room enough for the whole family to nest – such a great fine motor skill builder, even the bees would be impressed. They would be more than happy to meet, collectively swirling about their hive. Match up the colors and tuck them inside. 

Flip Mat- Market ($29 full price)

We are always looking for something portable and fun to tote with us and keep our little ones busy. Meet the Flip Mat: a friendly fabric folder created with little imaginations in mind. Portable, Open-Ended Play is inspired with each go-to. The Flip Mat contains a play world inside a soft fabric case. Let the magic unfold when your little explorer opens to find a playground and 12 adorable drawings to inspire imaginative thinking. 

Let your little entrepreneur open her very own Farmer’s Market. “We Pick Them, You Eat Them.” Familiarize your little one with a love for fresh veggies while nurturing her business spirit with a sweet barter or haggle at the market. Use coins to broaden math skills and play with money to help build a better understanding of currency and business sense.

Counting Acorns ($18 full price)

I have been trying to add seasonal counting tools to our Learning Closet hence these cute and colorful acorns were made. These handheld manipulatives are great for transferring activities, counting, color sorting as well as a myriad of open-ended play (perhaps to make a “hay corn pie” as my little one always does!)
(colored sorting bowls are separate)

Don’t wait! Get your discount certificate, too before it’s too late! http://www.plumdistrict.com/three_for_free/4e939e0baf/click

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