Montessori Planning Breakthrough!

As you know, I’m a mother of two beautiful toddlers. I’m also a full time (meaning 48+ hours a week) Critical Care level Paramedic. Oh, and I’m running my own business ( (and if you aren’t already one of our distributors, get a hold of me and I’ll help you get going for free). Needless to say, I’m BUSY!

One of the things that I will NOT allow my business to intrude upon, though, is the quality of childhood my children get. They will still have quality time with their mama and papa, go on family adventures, know they are loved, experience the world, and have an awesome education. If you’ve been following my recent posts, you know that we’ve decided to do Montessori 3-6 Homeschooling with our oldest (her brother will soon follow in July, 2013). With this decision comes the need for a bunch of materials…which happen to be rather expensive to buy!

Today though, I discovered something wonderful. First, a blog that has a lot of beautiful and inspiring DIY Montessori material posts. I think this woman is amazing, and I love that she has built these wooden manipulatives herself. 😉 Check out her post on making the Numerical Rods on her blog, A Hand Made Childhood.

The next thing, which her blog led me to, is going to save me BOAT LOADS of time as I try to figure out what materials I can make and what I really need to buy. It’s called Montessori Homeschool. The opening page is a bit confusing, but if you click on the links (“sensorial”, etc.) across the top, you will see how she has charted with photos and titles what materials you can make and what you should just buy…as well as links for buying! Brilliant, I tell you.

Please link up your own Montessori DIY themed projects below!

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