DIY Montessori 3-6 Materials

It would be lovely to buy an entire Montessori classroom with complete materials, manipulatives, and printables all ready to go. In fact, that would rock my world! The “real life” part of this though, is that it’s completely unaffordable for me to buy everything I’d like to for my daughter’s schooling. The GREAT news, is that there are MANY Montessori 3-6 materials that can be crafted DIY style.

Before you begin, keep in mind the key principles to preparing Montessori Materials: Isolation of Quality and Control of Error (thanks, Living Montessori Now!).

In case you are able to purchase some of the materials, make sure you get the best deal! Montessori Album has:

  • Price comparison for Fabric Boxes
  • Price comparison for The Movable Alphabet
  • Price comparison for Metal Insets and related supplies
  • Price comparison for Sandpaper Letters
  • For everyone wanting to save some money and get crafty, though, here are links to get you started!

    More DIY Instructions from Living Montessori Now:

    DIY Practical Life Materials

    DIY Dressing Frames and Alternatives
    Montessori-Inspired Activities for Care of Self
    Practical Life Activities Posts

    DIY Sensorial Materials

    DIY Color Tablets
    DIY Geometric Shapes
    Inexpensive and DIY Geometric Solids and Extensions
    Sensorial Size Extensions
    DIY Sound Cylinders
    DIY Smelling Bottles
    DIY Tactile Boards and Extensions

    DIY Language Materials

    Learning to Read Can Be Just a Fun Game
    Inexpensive and DIY Sandpaper Letters
    DIY Alphabet Box
    Inexpensive and DIY Movable Alphabets
    The Montessori Grammar Farm

    DIY Math Materials

    Inexpensive and DIY Sandpaper Numerals
    DIY Number Rods and Alternatives
    DIY Spindle Boxes
    DIY Cards and Counters
    DIY Bead Bars
    DIY Golden Bead Materials

    DIY Cultural Materials

    Peace Education Activities
    Montessori-Inspired Art Appreciation
    Montessori-Inspired Music Appreciation

    DIY Geography Materials
    DIY Montessori Globes
    Continent Map Work
    Easy DIY Land and Water Forms
    Montessori-Inspired Fun with Land and Water Forms
    DIY Pin Maps
    Montessori Continent Boxes
    DIY Cosmic Nesting Boxes, Map Towers, and “Me on the Map” Activities

    Montessori-Based Religious Education Materials
    Fitting Montessori-Based Religious Education into Your Home
    How to Add Godly Play to Your Homeschool
    Creative Godly Play at Home – Old Testament
    Creative Godly Play at Home – Parables
    Montessori-Based Lenten Activities
    How to Use Godly Play at Home During Advent

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