Materials List for Montessori 3-6 Homeschool Classroom

I’ve been trying to find a list of necessarry materials for my Montessori 3-6 classroom, but it seems as though there is no straightforward list about the matter! Below is my best shot at what materials one needs to have on hand, aside from the printable ones specific for individual lessons.


_ Triangular Box

_ Large Hexagonal Box

_ Small Hexagonal Box

_ Rectangular Box A

_ Rectangular Box B

_ Large Moveable Alphabet

_ Small Moveable Alphabet

_ Primary Phonics — Level 1 and 2

_ Farm set

_ Stamp Game

_ Golden Bead Material

_ Two sets of Number Rods

_ Colored Bead Material

_ Short Bead Stair

_ Addition Snake Game

_ Subtraction Snake Game

_ Number Cards

_ Three sets of Small Number Cards

_ Large Number Cards

_ Hundred Board and tiles

_ Addition Strip Board and colored strips

_ Addition Charts and tiles

_ Subtraction Strip Board and colored strips

_ Subtraction Charts and tiles

_ Multiplication Charts and tiles

_ Geometric Figures and Cards

_ Touch Boards

_ Touch Fabrics

_ Color Tablets

_ Sound Cylinders

_ Smelling Bottles

_ Continent globe

_ Land and Water globe

_ Flat puzzle map

_ Land and Water Forms

_ Calendar

_ Pink Material

_ Blue Material

_ Purple Material

_ Yellow Material

_ Grammar symbols, farm label cards

_ Sound containers

_ Metal Insets

_ Sandpaper Letters

_ Sandpaper Numbers

_ Teen Boards

_ Ten Boards

_ Multiplication Bead Board

_ Division Bead Board


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