Free Montessori 3-6 Materials (printables, unit studies, and teacher albums)

The Montessori Print Shop
This website has over 1,100 PDF printable Montessori materials  ($), plus almost 50 free ones. The free ones cover ever subject area, and are high quality with bright colors and graphics. Once you download what you want, you can check out their Instructions page for information on how to prepare what you have printed!

Montessori for Everyone
These aren’t separated into what classroom groups they’re for, so you will have to sort through to find appropriate materials for the 3-6 group.

Maitri Learning
This website has a lot of information and great resources. The free materials, though, are a group of lesson plans combined into one pdf file. It is located at , and includes:

  • Using Vocabulary Cards
  • Using Matching Cards
  • Using Phonetic Reading Cards
  • Using your 3-Part Cards
  • Using Zoology/Natural World Cards
  • Using “Parts Of” Photo Cards
  • Using “Parts Of” Definition Cards
  • Using Foreign Language Cards
  • Using your Math Equations

Living Montessori Now has rounded up over 100 Montessori Unit Studies on a huge variety of topics from butterflies to Dr. Suess! She includes lots of Holidays as well, and even has a link with instructions on how to create your own unit study.

Teacher Albums

A “teacher album” is a group of lessons put together by topic for a specific age group. These are going to save you TONS of time as you prepare lessons plans, and they will also explain how to actually USE all of the manipulatives and ideas you’ve been hearing about, like the “spindle boxes,” “golden beads,” and “continent globe”!

 *gasp! You can actually teach this, after all!*

Culture: from Montessori Teachers Collective; includes Geography, History, Biology, and Science.
Math: from Montessori Teachers Collective

Math: 43 activities from Shu-Chen Jenny Yen
Sensorial-Motor: 35 activities from Shu-Chen Jenny Yen
Language Development: 39 activities from Shu-Chen Jenny Yen
Practical Life: 124 activities from Shu-Chen Jenny Yen

Montessori Albums Printable Materials
A slew of beautiful, colorful printable materials that include picture matching of famous classic paintings, practical life, language, math (some of which look a little beyond the 3-6 age), social studies, and art (a color wheel).

and my favorite free Teacher Album resource…Montessori Primary Guide which includes full information about the topic, then details and explanations of every exercise/manipulative/lesson within that topic. In fact, I like this one so much that I’m ending my search for Albums right now! This is a comprehensive guide to Sensorial, Practical Life, Language, Mathematics, and all of the smaller categories that fall under these ones!

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  1. Wow! Love your site and so glad I found you! I am so overwhelmed by how much is out there for Montessori homeschooling. It's awesome and I am so appreciative of everyone's generosity of their time and efforts and free items but knowing where to start is crazy! Do you have a recommendation for a weekly or even daily curriculum to follow for 3-6? I will be homeschooling my almost three yr old for three years. My older two had Montessori for preschool and k/1 but we can't afford it for third. I might be homeschooling my soon to be first grader this coming fall too so any curriculum recommendations there would be appreciated too! Thx!


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