Tips & Tricks for Doing Giveways On Your Blog

1)      As soon as the giveaway goes live, link it up on as many outside sites you have time for., and are my favorites. Facebook groups and blog/giveaway friendly message boards are also great locations to list your giveaway at.
2)      Be sure to also send a link to the company when your review goes live, and if you had a problem with the product, give the company a chance to correct the problem before you even post the review.
3)      Use Rafflecopter to run your giveaway. It is free and is the easiest method to keep track of entries and draw a winner with!
4)      Make following your Facebook page a mandatory entry into the giveaway. I’m finding that more and more companies want you to have a large Facebook presence before they’ll work with you.
5)      Group reviews/giveaways in themes. This helps bring companies in, and creates a good “buzz” about the upcoming event among your blog readers. It’s also a bigger giveaway, so more people will take the time to enter!
6)      Consider giveaway blog hops. This is where the participating blogs will all start and end a giveaway on the same day and will all link up using a Mr. Linky. Most of the time, there is a theme or $ amount that you must comply with. A great place to find these events is the the Mom Powered Media Facebook group at .You can also find “low entry” places to list your giveaway at if you don’t have many entries and the deadline is near.
7)      Always ask the company to ship the prize directly to the winner. This will save you the cost, time, and headache of doing it yourself!
8)      Don’t shortchange yourself. Remember that you will be spending a good chunk of time on a review/giveaway, the resources and money involved in your computer and Internet, and that you are doing the company a favor if they send you a good product. Your time and writing talent is worth something!
9)      Don’t be afraid to review multiple similar products. This is an advantage to your readers because then someone has actually tried all of them and knows which one is the best investment!
10)  Link the product you’re reviewing to an account that will give you a commission of any sales made through your link! This might be done through becoming an affiliate with the company you’re working with, or through a generic merchant like

Be sure to read the rest of the series on reviewing products on your blog if you haven’t already, and good luck in your new endeavor!

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