The Art of Contacting A Company For A Product Review

When I first begin researching a company for a product I want to review on my blog, I consider the following.
1)      What are my readers interested in learning about?
2)      Is this company legit? Remember, you will be tying your name to this company!
3)      Have they worked with bloggers in the past? If so, that is a big indication that they may be willing to partner with you, too.
4)      Does this product and company coincide with my blog’s mission statement?
5)      How do I contact someone about doing a review? If it’s via phone, I mark that company off because I just don’t have the ability to lock myself in a room without my toddlers so that I can have a phone conversation and sound half way professional. Even if I was at work, I don’t think an “—I’m sorry to interrupt, but apparently someone died. Can I call you back after CPR is done?” (I’m a paramedic, for those who don’t know) response would work well!
After I find a company/product that seems like a good fit for Life More Simply, I send them a letter like this:

 On my blog about natural living and parenting at, I commonly review products and host giveaways. I have just under 3,000 subscribers/fans/followers and average approximately 10,000 page hits a month. In the month of July, I will be hosting a “Green Home Decorating” event that will feature home décor products that are environmentally friendly. I found you while researching companies who would fit this upcoming event, and I would love to include your Upcycled Woven Table Cloth! I don’t charge anything for my reviews, as my goal is simply to bring awareness and inspiration to my readers. I can also pair the product review with a giveaway which would allow me to list the giveaway on other websites and thus create more PR and exposure for you!
 Please let me know if this is something you are interested in and if you have any questions. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to potentially spreading the word about Upcycled Creations!

Often, you won’t hear anything back if the company doesn’t already work with bloggers or if your blog is too small to make them notice. Don’t give up, though! Giveaways are an excellent way to increase your blog readership and to get linked in from other sites. Sometimes, starting with WAHM or other small businesses will get your foot in the door…and frankly, if I could review WAHM and Etsy shops all day long, I would, because I love supporting people who are working to provide for their families while still raising their own children! I want that to be me someday, and I’m glad to vicariously live through others until then. 😉  On top of that, I love the relationship built with companies and I love knowing that exposing their product to my 3,000 readers could mean a big boost for their business.
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