How To Get Products To Review On Your Blog: Part 2

There are four methods of receiving products to review on a blog (there are other ways to get products to just review in your home but not on a blog):
1)      Sign up with a PR company. I’m affiliated with a few of them, and have good success. It works like this: a company who has a product they want reviewed by bloggers contacts the PR company. The PR company contacts you, and if you meet the criteria and are interested, you get sent a product for review. I have done everything from entire baby equipment reviews to little stuffed animals. The two I work with the most are:

2)      Sign up with an individual company’s blogger relation team. Some companies, like Kraft, Whirlpool, and Freschetta Pizza, have their own pool of bloggers that they work with for reviews, giveaways, and press releases. These are generally more difficult groups to get in to. I am a part of Freschetta’s blogger team, and, I must admit, the prospects of free pizza excite me to no end. J

3)      Wait for companies to contact you. They generally find you from blog lists that you might be on. Always indicate that you are “PR friendly” when adding your blog to a list! You also might be found from someone looking directly at your blog, so be sure that you have some information about yourself, how to contact you, and that you are PR friendly clearly indicated in an easy to find location on your site. I have scored some really amazing stuff with this method, including a rope swing from NOVICA! Just search for PR friendly blogger directories and submit your information.

4)      Contact companies directly. This is the most time consuming method, but can also lead to the best success because you are seeking out specific products that appeal to you and your readers. Be prepared to contact at least ten companies for the product you want though, especially if you have under 10,000 readers. You will also need to be checking your SPAM folders often, and may have to spend time even finding out how to contact some people/companies since that information can be difficult to locate! It’s definitely worth it though, as you will be exchanging PR for something that you really need or want.
Next post: The Art of Contacting Companies Directly for Reviews. Yup, be prepared to read the next post as I’ll break down how to actually get what you want to review on your blog!

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