Don’t Stay Where You Are

I’ve been hearing a lot from people lately that they want something that I have…a work at home job that actually makes money…to lose weight quickly…to change employers…and every time, my response is “yeah! So take it!” But then, they don’t, even though it’s free for the taking.

I keep hearing things like “I’ve been doing xyz to lose weight and it hasn’t done anything yet, so I’m going to keep doing this until it does, and then I’ll do a wrap to lose more weight, etc.” or “I just started this other business. I haven’t made any money yet, so I need to try harder and wait until I am making money at that before I start this.” The best part is when I hear this next: “and I really want to have a party so I can get a free wrap, but I’ve been trying to get my friends to buy what I’m trying to sell, and they are all going to want a body wrap if I have a party, so I would rather pay you $25 instead of get one for free.” Um…why don’t you become a distributor then and make money on things that your friends want or need, instead of hiding it from them and beating your head against a wall because you don’t have a market for what you already offer?

I see people all the time who are running as hard as they can, trying to go uphill on a treadmill that is going downhill. They aren’t making any progress, and all the while there is a staircase right next to them.

Working smarter is more effective than working harder. You might develop more self discipline by working harder, but if the goal at the top of the hill is something other than discipline, like financial freedom or weight loss, then you are missing the mark by staying on the treadmill.

Choosing the staircase wasn’t something that I have always done. I used to stay on the treadmill in relationships and jobs because of guilt. Because of fear. Because I thought it was a risk to change…sometimes, it’s easier to stay where you’re at because at least then, you are familiar with your surroundings.

Pursing change often requires valor. Courage is needed when you don’t have everyone around you approving, supporting, and promising that your decision to use the staircase is going to be the best decision of your life.

Stop wasting time. If there is a better way to accomplish whatever goal you have, then get off the treadmill in life and go get it! Let today be your day of valor.

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