Mother’s Love book review and giveaway

Mother’s Love: Inspiring True Stories from the Animal Kingdom is a book that I was recently sent to review…in time for Mother’s Day…and I must tell you, even though I wasn’t able to get this post up before Mother’s Day (work schedule, my sister’s wedding, toddlers, oh, and my hot water tank bit the dust, leaving me with a flooded basement), this book is so very sweet and I love having it in my collection as it is an encouragement to me as a mother and also a wonderful piece to share with my children!

(excerpt from the press release of Mother’s Love:)

MOTHER’S LOVE: Inspiring True Stories from the Animal Kingdom ($9.95 hardcover), by Melina Gerosa Bellows, with a foreword by actress Kate Hudson, features heartwarming tales that show there is no stronger power on Earth than a mother’s love, even among our winged and four-footed friends.

From a mother duck who tugged at a pedestrian’s pant leg with her beak to get help for her ducklings who had fallen through a sewer grate to an elephant that stood on her hind legs to lift her baby to safety in a flooded river to the cat that ran into a burning building five times to rescue her month-old kittens — despite singed fur, scorched ears and blistered eyes — MOTHER’S LOVE tells of heroic and touching animal feats that prove humans are not the only ones who go to elaborate lengths for the sake of their young.

In her introduction, Gerosa Bellows writes, “Perhaps these stories touch me so deeply because they illus trate the common bond of moth erhood. They show that mothers are mothers, no matter what species. Animals and humans alike have the natural ability to distinguish the unique cry of their own offspring from the cry of other babies. We are hardwired to love, protect, and care for our young. After all, the survival of each of our species depends on it.”

There are two things that I love more than the rest about this book. The first is that the photography is phenomenal. There are sixty shots of mother and baby animal pairs (and ones that you wouldn’t think would be pairs, but that got adopted in!) which really capture the emotion behind the relationship. The second thing I love is the powerful quotes on mothering which are interspersed throughout the text. This is a great book to share with your young children as the photos are large and the stories are short, and also a great book to keep on your desk to encourage you on your own mothering journey!

As I did work last Sunday, I still haven’t been able to share Mother’s Day with the mothers in my life–that’s today’s task. So as I bestow (what else?) books upon my mothers and hopefully get some snuggle time with my own babies reading Mother’s Love to them while kissing their heads and having them in my arms, I want to offer you the same opportunity. You can win your own copy of this delightful book!

Two winners will be chosen. The first winner will receive TWO copies (one to keep and one to give to her mother), and the second winner will receive one copy of Mother’s Love.

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this post and the opinions expressed are my own. Book for review and giveaway provided by Entertainment Marketing Group and National Geographic.

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  1. Great giveaway! I have wonderful mommy moments just about every day! Every time my kids do something cute, say something funny, or just tell me they love me my heart just melts, and I am thankful to be a mother.


  2. Ugh there are so many but one of the most recent has been telling my oldest that he's going to be a big brother and explaining to him that mommy has a baby brother for him growing in her tummy and watching his face light up as he realized all of what that meant.


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