A borrowed thought on birthing without fear

I began cleaning out my blog subscription list tonight. The first one was deleted with no problem since the author hadn’t posted anything in a year. Then, not recalling what the next blog was, I clicked on Heartbeat Photography…and fell in love. I have a soft spot for newborn and pregnancy photography. There is something magical and beautiful about it. This woman, wherever she is from and whomever she is, gets it. The moments she has captured are just that–magical and beautiful. What I want to share with you, is a paragraph that she wrote on the page who explains who she is as the artist behind the photos.

“Beyond capturing souls, hearts, smiles, bellies or little toes; I have discovered a great love for speaking, mentoring, and educating my fellow sisters in faith about their glorious bodies, swollen bellies, growing babies and the journey and miracle of bringing new life into the world. I educate, create, inspire, doula, midwife and walk ‘with women’ to help them and love on them as they fulfill our most amazing task: to bring forth the life that our God has created.”

My favorite words from her, though, are this:

 “Women are the carriers of life. We hold the fruit of Christ’s love beneath our hearts. Our curses have been taken by the blood of the lamb and we no longer need to serve fear, death, pain or torment. We are free. It is time we started to birth with the Faith that He has given us.

2 thoughts on “A borrowed thought on birthing without fear

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  1. Wow!! Thank you!! I am Leah, the artist at Heartbeat Photography 🙂 You are so amazing to share this — I am so unbelievably glad that my heart has inspired yours and those around you. 🙂


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