Win pizza for a YEAR with Freschetta’s Rally For Real Pizza Contest!

Win pizza for a year! 
There is not much I love more in life than frozen pizza. And I am totally serious when I say that. For my entire life, my family has known that I will be making the frozen pizza, and will be eating 1/3 of the cheese off the top of the pizza while it’s still frozen. I don’t know why. It’s just a thing I do and I love it. Yum. Lately, frozen pizza has taken on a whole new meaning to me…you see, I’m a single mom of two toddlers, work full time, believe in HEALTHY living, and am also taking a difficult medical college course load. Pizza is kind of like a lifesaver to me—my kids will eat extensive amounts of it, and I can incorporate lots of veggies into it! We absolutely LOVE the Schwann brands of frozen pizzas, and particularly Freschetta! This is one campaign that I can get behind purely for the fact that my mouth is watering right now. So enter this contest, people, and if you win, please invite me over for a pizza party!
Event Details:
Date – February 27, 2012 – March 30, 2012
What – Rally for Real Pizza
Where – From the comfort of your own home
Details –
The makers of FRESCHETTA® products are asking fans to take a stand for FRESCH® pizza! Fans are able to submit a photo to a Rally Mosaic on our Facebook Fan Page for a chance to win FRESCHETTA® pizza. Each week, we will select 100 winners to receive 5 FRESCHETTA® pizzas. On March 30, we will select 10 winners who will receive a year supply of FRESCHETTA® pizza. You can find all the delicious details surrounding this campaign on the message board in
I just uploaded my photo to the mosaic, and it literally took a few seconds.  The neat thing is, you can enter every week that the contest is going on! On top of that, they have a Twitter #pizzarally event going on as well. Same opportunity to win pizza for a year or a pizza party pack! You can enter that contest by visiting their Facebook page and clicking on the “Twitter #pizzarally” link. All you have to do for that is change your Twitter badge to one of the options they give you, follow @Freschetta, and tweet@Freschetta I’m Rallying for Real Pizza. Join the #PizzaRally ( for a chance to win pizza for a year.” They will be picking winners every day for this timeframe, and then giving away EVEN MORE during a live Twitter party on March 20th from 7-9p.m. EST.

Good luck and be blessed! 

Disclaimer: I occasionally receive compensation in the form of products for posts. However, the opinions I share are solely my own. I have the possibility of winning prizes for posting this. And yes, I am hoping for the PIZZA prize. 🙂

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