Like A Pearl

I want this ring. Like, really, really badly. I am not much of a jewelry person, even. It’s not that I don’t like jewelry (I do); I’m just a pretty practical person and it doesn’t always fit my lifestyle. However. I have a problem with stalking two shopping sites: and

I first found The Veteran’s Site Store because they periodically have music videos with military themes and I have a heart for that, so I’ve been watching their stuff since I discovered them about two years ago. Not only do they post videos, but they have this really cool store that’s right up my ally with handcrafted “hippie” stuff, free trade items, and just all around neat stuff…and their prices are so reasonable! They are constantly having sales and the shipping is flat rate! The BEST part though, is that the proceeds from what you buy help to feed and house US veterans, to whom I am forever grateful for.

So the ring. I found it browsing their site today, and I’m pretty sure my heart skipped a beat when I saw it. I don’t know why, exactly, because I’ve seen other beautiful rings before. This one in particular cries out to me. I love non-traditional beautiful rings. You know, diamonds that aren’t like everyone else; pearls that are, well, blue in this case. 🙂 Once I clicked on the link and read the description, though…WOW! That is my life right now!

Timeless as the night sky, our Midnight Freshwater Pearl & Sterling Ring is a beautiful testament to the beauty that can come from persevering through struggle.

Pearls are developed because of an irritant inside a clam–sand. Instead of up and dying, rejecting the hardship, or being forever damaged, the clam creates something beautiful out of something ugly, useless, and painful. Once the pearl is created, it can be removed from that clam without harm, giving something precious to the world and giving a normal life back to the clam. That is what I wish my life to be, and what I believe it is right now. Domestic violence destroyed my marriage, and almost destroyed me in the process. When people ask me how I can still believe in marriage and the love of God after what I went through, I simply explain it as it’s said in the end of Exodus: that I am ok with the fact that I went through these things because it will bring about the survival of many people. Like a pearl, beauty can come from persevering through struggle.

I may just buy myself that ring. Not sure yet, since I’m not one to buy things for myself, but it’s possible.

“Oh Lord my God, I called to you for help and you healed me.” (Psalm 30:2)
“The Lord will be your everlasting light, and  your days of sorrow WILL end.” (Isaiah 60:20b)

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