Love Exuberantly

This is what I think…

You should hold your babies more, and never stop kissing them and telling them that you love them. You shouldn’t be afraid to rock them to sleep, to let them get messy, or to let them snuggle you in the morning before you get out of bed. It doesn’t matter if your floor isn’t always spotless or the clean laundry always folded. It does matter that your children know they are loved unconditionally with an agape love. It does matter that you touch them and hold them and giggle with them and smile at them. Remember that the purest form of you is who you are when you’re with your children. Let them know that they are the best thing in the whole wide world. Love those children, and make sure they know it. Don’t ever hold back; love exuberantly.

This is what I think…

You should spend more time with that person who you are bound to. Whether it’s a best friend, a girl friend, or a husband, be with them. You don’t know when an accident will happen, cancer will strike, or something unforeseen takes them from you. Cherish your time. Love them. Stay up late talking, watching funny movies, and listening to the rain. Don’t be afraid to experience everything possible that life offers with that person. Take every opportunity to love on that person, to fix every problem that hinders your relationship, and to serve that person with bounding joy. Learn to love better, and practice it. Do not take them for granted or take lightly the memories you have the opportunity to create together. Hold on to that person, the one that you can’t live without, or at least that you don’t ever, ever, ever want to live without. Love that person, and make sure they know it. Don’t hold back; love exuberantly.

This is what I think…

I don’t know what you felt when you got that phone call, and I won’t pretend that I felt your fear. I do know, though, that I will hold your unconscious baby, sing to him, and love him for you when you can’t do it yourself. I will do everything that is absolutely possible to give life to your baby, no matter what it costs me in the process. I will always be sure that I know what I’m doing, that everything is ready, and that your child comes first when my scanner goes off and I step into that ambulance. You don’t need to fear, because when I get there, he becomes my baby too, and there is nothing stronger than a mama’s heart. Know that if anything ever happens; if I can’t get our baby to the place where he should be, or if things go wrong and something happens, I will be sobbing too. You may not see it, but I am breaking inside, too.

I won’t pretend that I understand what it must be like to see your  unresponsive husband lying on a backboard with blood pooling everywhere. I do know though, that I feel part of your pain when I want him to wake up and he doesn’t. When I know that he may never open his eyes again. When I know that you are standing there watching him die while I try to give him life. It’s not easy as I gently tell you to hold his hand and kiss him, to talk to him and reassure him. What I am really saying is that you need to tell him goodbye and hold on to him for these minutes that he is still here for. Know that I am doing everything I can, though. Part of a team, I am still watching everyone and everything. I will speak up on his behalf, and I will make sure he is treated correctly. I will talk to him by name as I push oxygen into his lungs, and I will be ready to do everything possible to get him home. But if that doesn’t happen, know that I am standing behind you, and that I wanted him to live, too.

This is what I think.
Seize every opportunity possible to love exuberantly. Don’t wait for tomorrow, for tomorrow may never come.

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